Last updated - Monday June 25, 2018 10:36 PM
Sushma Trolled

Is it effect of 'Islamic Kidney', Sushma abused for issuing passport to interfaith couple

Crossing all the limits of humanity and basic etiquette, a number of Twitter users, who described themselves as fans and supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday posted hateful messages ... More

Quddus Sir UPSC

Quddus Sir spent his whole life craving for more Muslims in civil services, dies at 47

Quddus Sir, the beloved teacher of countless civil services aspirants, is no more. He died Friday morning at 06:00 and laid to rest at Malegaon Bada Qabristan in the presence of hundreds of mourners about an hour ... More

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Modi Wife

The Man Who Once Sold Tea Later ‘Sold’ Dreams

This is also not a recap of the role played by an international PR agency which was appointed by him a decade back to “seek professional and rare expertise” in reaching out to broadest mass of people with a fresh message. This is also not a recap of the role played by an international PR ... More

Goa Archbishop

Is Church trying to destabilize Modi Government?

Vijayesh Lal of ‘Evangelical Fellowship of India’ states that ‘it has documented some 350 cases of violence and other forms of persecution against Christians last year. That is more than double the rate compared with the 140 annually before the BJP assumed power. This is highest since an anti .... More

US China Trade War

Trump Administration launches trade war measures against China

To this end, as the WSWS warned, the goal of the recent summit between Trump and Kim Jong-un was not to reduce the risk of war in the region, but to force Pyongyang to choose between falling in behind Washington or face .... More

Education & Career

  Exploring Ramadan


Part I: Fasting is prescribed so that you may learn self-restraint

Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month of fasting is here again. Though most of us are aware of the virtues, and dos and don’ts of this holy month, they are worth ... More


Part II: Offer prayers in Ramadan nights to seek forgiveness

Tarawih, the Special Night Prayer is the first prayer that Muslims offer immediately after the new moon pronounces the beginning of the Holy month Ramadan... More

Ramadan Iftar

Part III: 'Fasting is Mine and it is I who give reward for it'

Saum i.e. the fast begins with Suhur – the pre-dawn meal and ends with Iftaar – the food taken at the dusk. Taking Suhur is Sunnah and though it is not ... More

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