Last updated - Monday June 26, 2017 1:36 AM
Credit Card

Business & Economy

Credit Card: Exploitation at its extreme, None concerned
Banks and other financial institutions make it possible for the Market to sell what they would not have been able ... More

Meira Kumar

Education Policy

Turkey drops Darwin’s theory of human evolution from school syllabus
Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is rejected by both Christian and Muslim creationists, who ... More

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Prayer Time

Views & Analysis


What was Gandhi’s Caste and what did Congress represent?

He also presents Congress as a loose body bereft of any ideological commitment except that of anti colonialism. Both these formulations of his .... More


India’s Evolving Policy on South China Sea Dispute

While China has been pursuing such ‘offensive- defensive’ strategy against India for long through its policies like; ‘string of pearls’, one belt one road, developing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, increasing .. .. More

Modi Three Years

Three years down the lane, has Modi Government taken citizens for a ride?

While a majority of the people are living under the illusion propagated by the government and its promotion by the subservient media, the situation on ... More

Konya Turkey

Konya from the eye of a Muslim youth
The Konyan civilization, in truth an amalgam of the Byzantium ... More

Modi Bhakts

Of bhakts and liberation
That India is less violent is also open to serious challenge ... More

Education & Career

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