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One Year after the September Blasts

By Aleem Faizee


On September 08 2006 in the afternoon, Malegaon was rocked by a series of explosions that took more than thirty innocent lives, many of them being the children belonging to families living below poverty level (BPL). As normally the case is, the leaders were quick in planning a visit to the blast site, with Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil, in Malegaon by 05:30 the same evening, being the first to do so. Along with lifting the curfew, he also announced a compensation of one lakh rupees by the State.


The next morning, it was as if the whole Government, State as well as Centre, was there in Malegaon. While Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh was there with half a dozen Ministers, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi herself came with Home Minister Shivraj Patil and other colleagues from Delhi. Sonia, apart from meeting the families of the victims, also met the local community leaders. They expressed their displeasures over the compensation amount and inadequate availability of the medical facilities in the town. And probably on Sonia’s behest, the Government promised several packages for the overall development of the town.


However, one year after the blasts, a look at the promises made by the Government reveals that, despite vigorous follow ups, many of the promises are gathering the dust in Government offices.


Identical Tragedies, Different Compensations

Citing the example of the Mumbai Blasts where the Government had announced a compensation of five lakhs along with Government job to the victims’ family, the Malegaonians sought the equal treatment for them. And when their repeated pleas were taken with deaf ears by the State, they turned to the Central Government, which announced the compensation of additional one lakh rupees but failed in giving any kind of assurances for the Government jobs.


Today, though the families of the victims have received the amount promised by the State, they are still struggling for getting the equal amount promised by the Centre. “And since most of the victims were the only earning hands for their families, their families are forced to live under miserable conditions with their children being forcibly dropped from the schools”, observes Advocate Niyaz Lodhi.


Civil Hospital

It is ironic that a city of over half a million people lacks a single Government Hospital with adequate medical facilities. Many believed if there was a good hospital in place as promised by Vilasrao Deshmukh after October 2001 riots, it could have saved many precious lives. At least this time, the Malegaonians are lucky that the sacrifice of their innocent sons has earned them a hospital.


And if Amol Ghule, the Project Manager belonging to M/s VM Matere, is to be believed, they would be completing the 74.4 million hospital building by March 11, 2008. “However, once the building is complete, there still remains many more things to be done before the hospital is fully ready for the actual functioning”, observes Dinesh Jadhav, the Project In charge.


Dearth of Basic Amenities Continues

“No roads, no proper sanitation and the problems in plenty, I had never seen such a place in my whole life”, Dr. Sayyeda Hameed, Member Planning Commission had remarked after visiting Malegaon. Shocked, she asserted to lend a helping hand for the revival of the town. She chaired several meetings in Delhi for this purpose and on her repeated requests the State reiterated it’s committed for the development of Malegaon.


However, despite big claims, when the State recently launched the New Industrial Policy, there was nothing for the Malegaonians in that. At the same time, the civic body itself is in such a financial crunch now that it has no money to pay even its employees’ salary.


(Written for Nashik Times)





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