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America would be a much poorer place without Muslims: Guardian Report
Saturday December 12, 2015 10:29 PM, News Network

[Dr Ayub Ommaya … responsible for many medical innovations. (Photo: Brian Snyder/AP)]

From innovators, scientists, brain surgeons, politicians, soldiers, engineering professionals to sportspersons, comedians and rappers, The Guardian in a beautifully articulated report listed some of the leading Muslims who contributed in shaping and building the United States look the way it does today.

"The United States wouldn’t look the way it does if it weren’t for a Muslim, Fazlur Rahman Khan. The Dhaka-born Bangladeshi-American was known as the “Einstein of structural engineering”. He pioneered a new structural system of frame tubes that revolutionised the building of skyscrapers", The Guardian report, written after Donald Trump's now infamous call to ban the Muslims from entering the United States, said.

Fazlur Rahman Khan died in 1982, but his innovations have proved key for future skyscrapers – including the 2009 Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

The report further said, the largely Muslim kingdom of Morocco was the first country to recognise the US. In 1786, the two countries signed a treaty of peace and friendship that is still in effect today, the longest unbroken treaty of its kind in US history.

Listing Dr. Ayub Ommaya as the person without whom lots of people, some of them American, would be dead or suffering appalling pain, the report said, "In 1963, the Pakistani-born Muslim neurosurgeon invented an intraventricular catheter system that can be used for the aspiration of cerebrospinal fluid or the delivery of drugs. What that means is that a soft, plastic, dome-shaped device is placed under the scalp."

"Ommaya Reservoir is then connected to a catheter that is placed into your brain. The reservoir is used to provide chemotherapy directly to the site for brain tumours. He also developed the first coma score for classification of traumatic brain injury and developed, too, the US’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, which, as part of its mission, focuses on traumatic brain injury."

Crediting Huma Abedin for helping Hillary Clinton to the White House, the report said, "The 39-year-old Kalamazoo-born political staffer is a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton and was her deputy chief of staff at the State Department. She currently serves as vice chairwoman of Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president."

The report further said that in 2012 five Republican Congress members wrote to the State Department inspector general and claimed that she had “immediate family connections to foreign extremist organisations”.

"The claims were refuted and the allegations dismissed by the Washington Post as “paranoid”, a “baseless attack” and a “smear”. Republicans baselessly smearing Muslims? At least Donald Trump is around in 2015 to stand up against that kind of thing", the report said.

The report also detailed the contributions of Ahmed Zewail won the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1999, Shahid Khan, the Pakistan-born billionaire who owned auto-parts company Flex-N-Gat, civil rights activist Malcolm X and Farah Pandith, Director for Middle East Initiatives and Hillary Clinton’s envoy to the world’s Islamic communities.

The report also described in details Donald Trump's meeting with Muhammad Ali Clay.

"Now you remember. He’s the same guy you met in 2007 when he presented you with a Muhammad Ali award. In May, you posted a photo on Facebook posing with the great Muslim sporting hero and claimed then that he was your friend", the report said.

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