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Iran, Russia and US threat to region's stability, Saudis say in a survey
Sunday November 1, 2015 10:54 AM, News Network

A huge majority of Saudis consider the policies of Iran, Russia and the United States as threat to the peace and stability of the Middle East, according to a survey conducted by David Pollock of Washington Institute of Near Eastern Affairs.

The survey shows that Saudis look negatively toward the effects of Iran, Russia and United States vis-a-vis the stability of the region.

The opinion on Russia and the US is similar with Russia receiving 85 percent and America 81 percent ratings in negativities because of their policies.

The survey also shows that while opinion in the Kingdom about Daesh is mostly negative, the citizens consider Iran as more dangerous than the terror organization, according to Arab News.

A huge 78 percent of Saudis said Daesh was greatly negative and 14 percent said they looked at Daesh with a “negative outlook somewhat,” said the survey conducted by David Pollock of Washington Institute of Near Eastern Affairs.

Saudis look at Iran in a greatly negative way as 42 percent see the latest policies of Tehran as negative and 49 percent find the same very negative, local media reported, citing the survey.

“Only 12 percent of those surveyed expect an improvement in Arab-Iran policies in the coming years. The opinion toward Iran’s nuclear agreement is divided in an unexpected way, as 42 percent said it’s a bad deal, while 39 percent thought it was good to a certain extent,” the survey shows.

Pollok included interviews with local employees with a geographical sample representing thousands of adults. Also, samples included all of the geographical areas and demographic features in line with its gross population sectors.

Pollok said the main result that can be elucidated is Daesh doesn’t have popular support among the Saudi public in the Kingdom. He said China and France got better ratings among Saudis.


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