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Demonizing Islam
Monday November 23, 2015 5:50 PM, Afzal Ahmad Khan

Perhaps, no religion of world permits destruction and violence; instead they all preach for peace and harmony among human beings. However, western countries belonging to a particular color of skin think themselves as superior from others, have grouped together like a notorious gang and are behaving like Monsters with the countries which can’t match their might. They have not only become self-appointed Custodians and Godfathers of rest of the world but also champions of Human Rights and democracy. Surpassing every norm of civic society, they are in habit of unnecessarily poking their nose even in the internal matters of other countries. Their expansionist approach, the tendency to grab others territory along with their wealth and lust to establish their proxy rule for dictating other countries, have created hell of problems in whole of the world. For achieving their ambitions, they will first target a nation, especially a Muslim, which is either rich in natural resources or has strategic importance in their future planning, thereafter, either they will themselves create some trouble there or will spread such baseless stories about the country as if the very survival of world is in danger. Through their lobbying coupled by rigorous false propaganda and threatening, they force the world to believe them. Once the ground is prepared, these gangsters will jointly attack and capture that nation on the pretext of saving this world from extinction. Then these champions of democracy will install there such a puppet King or Government which can serve them as their obedient servant and also help them in siphoning out their country’s wealth to these gangsters. Apart from losing its independence and wealth, the victim faces mass devastation and massacre and its citizens are treated like slaves. Ironically, all these violence and massacre is done by these champions of Human Rights on the pretext of establishing peace in the world. These actions induce natural anger and feeling of revenge among the citizens of affected country but, unable to match the might of these monsters; they retaliate in their own way to damage these invaders. However, instead of withdrawing from the country to defuse tension, these gangsters add more vigor to their aggression and those who oppose them, are designated as ‘Terrorists’. Thus, these self-appointed custodians and well wishers of the entire world are solely responsible for the creation of Terrorists’ and ‘Terrorism’ on our planet.

Though, the UNO came into existence after World War ll on the pretext of establishing permanent peace in the world but factually, it was part of their deep rooted conspiracy to rule over the rest of the world. In UNO, the VETO Power was manipulated in favour of five countries namely USA, USSR, UK, France and China which gave them unlimited power and self-issued license to kill, capture, loot, enslave and destroy any helpless country which has the potential of fulfilling their requirement of wealth and strategist importance... Thus not only they but even the countries who are members of NATO led by USA have also taken the shape of a huge Monster. This has also ensured that irrespective of their crime, no punitive action can ever be taken by UNO against them or the countries under their protection. Because any such proposal will not get passed in UNO, instead, if required, it will be vetoed by anyone of the five Godfathers. The other helpless countries of world have no option but to accept their diktat, destruction, brutalities and barbarism without even lodging their protest. Though Muslims constitute the second largest population in the world but no power whatsoever was given to them in UNO or in any other way so that at least they can defend themselves from outside aggression. Thus, in this jungle rule and cunning planning on the pretext of establishing peace in the world, Muslims and the Muslim majority countries have suffered the heaviest loss and the process of looting, destruction and devastation of their wealth and human beings, including children, women and old persons by these gangsters are still going on with alarming pace.

If their interest demands, these brokers of peace will create terrorists in a country far away from their own, but once their purpose is served, it will be the duty of that nation to eliminate them. Otherwise, these monsters will not only destroy that country by their Military Actions but will also get Economic Sanctions imposed through puppet UNO. Thus the country where they create terrorists for their own interest becomes sandwiched between the devil and the deep sea. Because, if it takes any action against the terrorists, it will have to face their destructive reaction from them and if it doesn’t do, these custodians of peace will punish and destroy that nation. The glaring example of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Osama-Bin- Laden, Al-Qaida, Taliban, ISIS and numerous others are in front of the whole world. The USA and its allies promoted the Al-Qaida and Taliban to take the revenge for their humiliating defeat in Vietnam by defeating the Russian army in Afghanistan which was illegally occupied by them. USA brought in Osama-Bin-Laden, as the leader of Al-Qaeda and provided him with 8,000 million dollars and 7,000 tons of armaments to defeat the Russian army. And once their purpose was served, they murdered Osama too apart from killing hundreds of thousands of other innocent civilian.

Islam, as we know, is a religion of peace, tolerance, brotherhood and humanity which has been preaching equal right to all human beings, irrespective of their colour, stature, profession, cast creed and financial status. However, contrary to the fact, these Monsters have been deliberately demonizing Islam to achieve their selfish aim. They have succeeded in creating such an image of Islam among non-Muslims that whenever the word terrorist is pronounced, the image of a bearded Muslim instantly flashes up in their mind. So much so that when in Norway on Friday July 22nd 2011, the twin acts of terror killed 93 innocents, even before the fact about the horror was fully known, the verdict about ‘who did it’ was out. The ‘experts’ and the media, who in most of the cases have prefixed opinion in favour of these gangsters for obvious reasons, revolved their discussion around Al Qaeda and other related organizations which in their opinion are involved in terrorism. It was commented that the Al Qaeda, the dreaded Islamic terrorists have done this because Norway is also involved in the invasion of Afghanistan. None dares to question these champions of Human Rights ‘what wrong Afghanistan or even Al-Qaida have done against Norway or other members of NATO for which their armies are involved in vast destruction and mass killing of innocent civilians’? The answer is simple. Because the greatest Monster of earth, the USA dictates these countries and they don’t have the courage to disobey its diktat.

However, before the discovery of oil and other precious natural resources like uranium, there was nothing wrong with Islam. This is an open secret that the root causes behind the malicious campaign against Islam and fictitious propaganda of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ or ‘Nuclear Bomb’ or ‘Al-Qaida’ is the Oil and other natural wealth, especially those which are used in nuclear technology. They want to grab their wealth by hook or crook, may be even through invasion on that country. For the time being, even if it is supposed that Iraq had the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), has the world ever thought seriously that, what wrong USA and its allies had done against Iraq due to which it may use WMD against them? If Iraqis possessed WMD, why they did not use that against Iran during their decade long war? Did Iraq have the technology to use those so-called WMD against far off nations in Europe, USA and Australia? And why it did not use them against NATO forces led by USA when they invaded them? USA masterminded Iraq’s war with Iran with the aim of destroying the arms and ammunition; which it has dumped in Iran during the rule of Shah Pahlavi on an enormously high price though they were obsolete and useless for US Army. Like Iran, Iraq war, USA also masterminded the attack on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia by Iraq so that on the pretext of protecting them, they can permanently station their army in the middle of these nations which is probably the richest in oil reserve and use their force to cow down anyone who dared to disobey its diktat. Notably, they stationed their army in the territory of those countries on their own sweet will for their own interest but charged the expenses of their army from the country of their occupation at very high and escalated rate. The money that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait paid to USA was a fee (read Ghunda Tax) for their protection from any aggressor. Though these countries don’t need US Army now because there is none who can attack them but still USA is keeping its army there and charging astronomically high bills for its maintenance and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are forced to pay them. Thus, probably, this was the only war in the history of world which, instead of inflicting physical and financial losses, earned enormous profit for USA. The demand of Osama-Bin-Laden that USA should vacate his native country and let the people of Saudi Arabia decide their own fate, is still fresh in our memory. However, these champions of democracy not only rejected his demand but supported kingdom and declared him a dreaded terrorist and ultimately killed him.

It is alleged that Al-Qaida was responsible for 9/11 attack in which around 3,000 persons of various Nationalities and Religion, including Islam, lost their lives. Have we ever tried to know or analyze that why should they do it? What was the reason that forced the alleged Al-Qaida personnel to take this extreme step in which apart from others, they too lost their own lives? Though there are numerous books, articles, films, documentaries and websites mostly prepared by Americans themselves, which don’t agree that Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 tragedy. Contrarily, with their analysis and logic supported by evidences, they have unanimously concluded that it was all stage managed by USA in collusion with Israel to prepare ground for attacking Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries of the region. However, the memory is still fresh how President Bush threatened the whole world after 9/11 “Either you are with us or with Terrorists” meaning there by that none can remain even neutral but willingly or unwillingly, will have to align with USA and follow its diktat.

However, contrary to the impression created by these gangsters, here is a factual report released by European Police Office (Europol):

“(WASHINGTON DC -- October 25, 2010). This week Europol released an annual study of terrorism; the results do not support claims that "(nearly) all Muslims are terrorists". Europol (portmanteau of European Police Office) is the European Union's criminal intelligence agency.

According to a report from's Mr. Danios, various news commentators and others expressing Islamophobia have been popularizing the claim that “not all Muslims are terrorists, but (nearly) all terrorists are Muslims.” Despite this idea becoming axiomatic in some circles, it is quite simply not factual. In fact official FBI records show that only 6% of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil from 1980 to 2005 were carried out by "Muslim" extremists. The remaining 94% were from other groups (42% from Latinos, 24% from extreme left wing groups, 7% from extremist Jews, 5% from communists, and 16% from all other groups).

However, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Europe, the data is even more staggering. The data gathered by Europol strengthens the argument even further. Europol publishes an annual report entitled “EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report”. The results are stark, and prove decisively that not all terrorists are Muslims. In fact, a whopping 99.6% of terrorist attacks in Europe were by non-Muslim groups; a good 84.8% of attacks were from separatist groups completely unrelated to Islam. Leftist groups accounted for over sixteen times as much terrorism as radical Islamic groups. Only a minute 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2007 to 2009 could be attributed to extremist Muslims.”

The ideology of instant declaration of culprits just after every act of terror is equally common even in India. Whenever any incidence of terrorism takes place anywhere in the country, may be Makkah Masjid Hyderabad, Jama Masjid Delhi, Ajmer, Malegoan, Samjhauta Express, Goa, Thane, Nanded, Kanpur or Indore, even before the investigating agencies have investigated and reached to some conclusion, the leaders of communal political parties and terrorist Hindutva organizations instantly give their verdict that this act of terror has been performed by some Muslims. Their verdict is so spontaneous that sometimes it gives the impression that they had the prior knowledge and the terrorists had informed them before committing the ghastly crime.

Ironically, while falsely trying to demonize Islam, these Monsters have deliberately tried to hide their own barbaric actions which these self-appointed custodians of Human Rights and peace committed against the Red Indians in North America, with the original residents of South America and Africa, Aborgese in Australia and in most part of rest of the world. They captured their country, establish their rule and not only barbarically and brutally exploited the locals as their slaves but also took away their wealth to their parent country in Europe. Had the barbarism seen their brutalities as a person; it would have also got terrified and probably committed suicide due to shock and frustration. It is on record that Mr. Rudd, the ex-Australian Prime Minister apologized to Aborgese community on behalf of the whole nation for the brutal and barbaric treatment which Europeans gave to them after capturing their land. No such complain is found against Muslims anywhere in the entire world. They ruled over Spain and major part of Europe for almost eight hundred years but now, one can hardly find Muslims and Mosques there. Have the world ever thought that where they have vanished? As a matter of fact, after the fall of Muslim Empire, they were forced to leave their country or convert to Christianity and Mosques were converted into Churches. Had the Muslims during their rule treated Christians in the same way as they treated them after fall of their empire, probably the Christianity would have been wiped out from the planet.

All Christians are not bad people, but the Christian countries, especially those which are dominated by white skinned persons, are responsible for the most deaths worldwide since ages and USA is the only country which has used Atom Bomb against human beings that too against civilians. In Palestine, after World War II, Jewish groups (the Haganah, Irgun and Stern Gang) fought for the creation of a Jewish state, bombing hotels and installations and killing civilians. The British, who then governed Palestine, rightly called these Jewish groups terrorists. Many of these terrorists later became leaders of Israel- Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon. Ironically, these former terrorists then lambasted terrorism, applying this label only to Arabs fighting for the very same nationhood that the Jews had fought for earlier. In Europe, the Irish Republican Army has been a Catholic terrorist organization for almost a century and they have killed far more people in Britain than Muslims, yet the subway bombings in London and Madrid are what Europeans remember today. Spain and France face a terrorist challenge from ETA, the Basque terrorist organization. However, these self-appointed Custodians of peace deliberately planted Israel in the middle of Oil Rich Arab Nations to have their firm control over the area so that, if they feel that Arabs are not obeying their diktat, they can attack and capture their territory through their adopted child Israel or directly using Israel as their base. And till date, the nefarious designs of these self-appointed ‘civilized persons’ and their countries have confirmed it by their action on numerous occasions.

Dual policy has always been adopted while taking decisions against Israel and Arabs. Barring a few exceptions, Resolutions against Israel have rarely been passed by Security Council for the destruction and genocide of Muslims. However, even if it has been passed in some odd cases, it has never been complied by them. But no Military Action or Economic Sanction was ever enforced against this enemy of peace. Contrarily, if exactly the same thing is done by any Muslim country, these self-appointed custodians of peace will get the punitive resolution passed immediately and in case, the country dares its non-compliance, Military Action or Economic Sanction or both will be enforced at once. The glaring examples of countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Pakistan etc are in front of us. On the pretext of establishing Peace, USA and its allies have not only destroyed these countries but have killed more than one and a half million civilians including women and children and a large number are still dying due to the Military Action and the Economic Sanctions got imposed by these champions of Human Rights through puppet UNO. Apart from the dead, there are persons who have suffered permanent disability and their number is far more than actually dead. It is alleged that in 9/11 tragedy around 3,000 persons died. Without entering into the controversy of ‘who did it’ the truth remains that for every single person killed in 9/11 mishap, these monsters and enemy of humanity have killed or permanently disabled more than a thousand persons including women and children in these countries. It is the height of barbarism that due to these Economic Sanctions, more than half a million children were left helpless to die for want of baby food and medicine apart from hundreds of thousands of other civilians who died due to shortage of food, medicine, shelter and cloth in sub-zero temperature. But UNO didn’t bother to take even notice of this genocide and no case of war crime was registered in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at Hague for this mass murder against Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, Bush Senior, Bush Junior, Tony Blair, and heads of NATO countries who took active part in this genocide. These gangsters have not only made mockery of UNO but have also made the prestigious International Prizes, a laughing stock. Just after sending around 37,000 extra troops to Afghanistan for inflicting more devastation and consequently killing far more civilians, President Obama was selected for the Noble Prize for Peace. This funny action did not end here only but in the prize receiving ceremony, during his almost an hour long speech, he spoke only on war situation for about forty five minutes. These incidences have not only repeatedly confirmed the fact that the UNO is a tool in the hands of these enemy of humanity and its functioning is absolutely biased but have also raised serious suspicion about the fairness with which the recipients of such prestigious international prizes are selected. Everyone knows about the happenings in whole of Palestine, especially Gaza. Israel is not only keeping them as hostages and massacring them but is also blocking any aid on humanitarian grounds to its civilians but these champions of Human Rights are totally silent on these anti-human activities of enemy of peace. Absolutely no action was taken against Israel for its brazen and inhumane act of destroying the Turkish ship which was carrying food, medicines; clothe etc to help suffering people. However, the cases of war crimes have been registered in ICJ against Gaddafi, the Libyan President and Basher, the Sudanese president for killing a few hundred or at the most a few thousand civilians in their country, who revolted against their rule. However, these self-appointed custodians of peace and champion of human rights unilaterally decided for bombing of Libya and Sudan which killed thousands of civilians in these countries, especially in Libya without any provocation from their side. Even in the past, USA supported by NATO have repeatedly bombed Libya and attacked Sudan by missiles loaded with deadly weapons for mass destruction, since they did not bow to their diktat. Could anyone ask them that what was their locus standee in that country and in what capacity or right they entered in their air space and territory for bombing? And will they tolerate the same action by any other country against them?

When Iran conducted missile tests and constructed uranium enrichment plant, they not only cried foul throughout the world and got enforced economic sanctions against them through UNO but also tried every possible trick in their kitty to topple democratically elected government of Ahmadijad. Similarly, if any other country conducts such tests; these custodians will use UNO to impose economic sanctions immediately, as we have seen in the case of India, Pakistan, and North Korea apart from Iran. But these gangsters and their allies can freely conduct nuclear or missile or other tests to make their arsenals more deadly and destructive and none can dare to speak against them. Notably, the defence (read offence) budget of USA is more than the total combined defence budget of rest of the whole world and needless to mention that it has never been used for the purpose of defence but always for offence only.

Since the time immemorial, the coverage of body has increased with the advancement of civilization and persons especially the ladies coming in public without properly covering their body were not seen with the same respects as others. However, lately a gimmick is being propagated by Australia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and some other countries against the scarf and veil used by Muslim women on the pretext of non-uniformity in dress code and they have declared it a punishable offence. However, the catholic nuns have also been dressing and using the veil exactly in the same way as the Muslim women but there is nothing objectionable against them. One can very well judge now that how hollow and false message these champions of democracy and human rights are spreading about equal right and freedom to everyone?

These custodians of world have also used UNO in division of Sudan by carving out a new country in its southern part which is dominated by Christians and now they are trying to include maximum possible area which is rich in natural resources in the new country. The biased functioning of puppet UNO has raised a big question mark over its very utility. Because one thing is now very clear that this organization is not going to serve any purpose for the countries which don’t have the patronage of these Godfathers. Therefore, the time has now come to seriously consider that ‘is it worth to remain the member of this puppet organization’? Because, even if they are not its member, at the most they will have to face the brutalities of these monsters, which they are doing even today as its members. Therefore, all the countries of world which aren’t given any ‘Importance or Say’ in functioning of the present UNO should unite to show their solidarity and quit in mass to register their protest. They should agree to rejoin UNO only when it is reorganized to become truly democratic so that every member should have equal ‘Right and Say’ in its functioning. The VETO Power and Security Council should be abolished and the decisions should be taken by the General Assembly on the basis of truly democratic way of majority votes. After all, China was not member of UNO for more than thirty years but no damage could be done to them. It became the member of UNO after great persuasion. Ironically, it was not China which approached for its membership but it was USA who persuaded it to become its member after facing humiliating defeat in Vietnam. Henry Kissinger, the then Secretary of State of USA flew from Pakistan on a secret visit of China, arranged by the Late ZA Bhutto, to meet and talk the Chinese Leaders. After vigorous persuasion and hectic negotiations; China agreed to join UNO, but on its own terms. It not only snatched the VETO Power from Taiwan, a puppet of USA but also got it expelled from UNO and now it has emerged as one of the most powerful country of the world. Switzerland has never been a member of UNO but has never suffered on this ground. The countries which are behaving like a servant to these Godfathers should learn a lesson from China and Switzerland.

Before blaming others, we should first look to self, because if an accusing finger is raised towards someone, three fingers point towards ourselves. As Saint Kabir Das said:

Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na deekha koi , Jo dil dekha aapna, Mujhse bura na koi
(I tried to find a bad person but couldn’t find any, but when I searched my own soul, none appeared worst than me.)

Theoretically, these champions of democracy plead for democratic governance in every part of the world but in practice, their action is just opposite. They support and protect dictatorship, especially in Islamic Countries to serve their own interest. Because, if a country is being ruled by a King or dictator, they will have to control only one person to safeguard their interest, however, if it will be democratic government, hundreds of persons may be involved in taking decisions and it may become far more difficult for Godfathers to tackle so many persons at a time. The cases of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and many others are in front of the world where they have been supporting and protecting kings or dictators to achieve their personal interests. Ironically, in a Muslim country, the democratic form of Government has never suited these champions of democracy and not only they got them eliminated but have also planted a puppet king who can fulfill their interest and if needed, can handover the reigns of his country in their hand. The case of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan is in front of everyone. They helped Shah Saud to oust Turkey and planted him as king of Saudi Arabia. They got Mosaddiq; the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran assassinated in 1950s, and planted self-exiled Shah Pahlavi as its king. Similarly in Afghanistan, they toppled the government of Taliban and planted 95 years old self-exiled king Farooq as its king. Further, in 1970s Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia refused to follow their diktat, consequently, Americans got him assassinated and planted their puppet as its king. These incidences have sent a threatening worldwide message that anyone who dares to disobey their diktat even in future, will have to face the same consequences.

A lot of damage has already been done to humanity due to false egos and misadventure of these self-appointed custodians of world in grabbing others territory and their wealth by hook or crook. Our mad race of expansionist approach has divided the whole world in innumerable factions which is seriously threatening the very existence of human being on this planet. It would be better if these self-appointed custodians of world look towards their own barbaric past and brutal present and not only try to correct the past mistakes but also withdraw their armies from every part of the world so that suffering nations can develop confidence in them. Unless called for, they should refrain from unnecessary interference in the internal matter of other countries and let its citizens take decision about their present and future. Instead of remaining like personal properties of some mighty countries, UNO and its other wings should work according to their statutes and should strictly follow the ‘democratic principle of equal right and say to every member country in its functioning’. In the present highly charged atmosphere, this has become very vital for our survival on this planet. In spite of enormous technological developments and our unending efforts, we have not been able to find any other inhabited body in whole of the universe. Therefore, let us take our earth as a God gift to humanity and make it a peaceful and happy place to live in for every human being. Grabbing of others wealth and territory by force should be strictly prohibited and we should contain ourselves with in our own geographical boundaries and available resources. Anyone betraying this principle should be punished severely. However, we should strictly follow the age old and trusted principle of live and let others live honorably and peacefully and if possible, should help each other and co-operate in fulfilling even the genuine requirements of others for mutual co-existence. The Monsters of the world should stop interference in internal affairs of others and contain themselves with in their own territory. They should stop Demonizing Islam which they have been doing till now not only to cover their own barbarism but also to achieve their selfish aims and personal gains. And finally, with a cool head, keeping every fact of the past and present in mind, they should themselves decide impartially as a true humane that who are the real demons responsible for genocide and devastations all over the world?

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