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Donations from undisclosed sources: Public puzzled at political parties’ pretence
Sunday August 28, 2016 9:26 AM, Shakeel Ahmed,


Of course, the common public are puzzled at the political parties’ negation about disclosure of its donations from undisclosed sources. It is the BJP and the Congress which do not present an account of certain category of donations. It is these major political parties that accumulate enough funds from various sources.

According to a report, all national political parties collectively amassed overall income of Rs 1519 crores. The BJP’s share remained at the highest with Rs 674 crores while a sum of Rs 598 was collected by the Congress party. It is also learnt that more than seventy percent funds of those political parties came from undeclared sources that was in income tax parlance termed as black money. The politicians deny their pretences and also oppose citizens’ modish pretences altogether.

It is they who gain enough publicity with their peculiar pretences while the public are liable to face harsh criticism. However, they do not concur with the point that pretence is like alloy in coin of gold and silver which may make the metal’s work the better but ultimately it degrades clean and round human nature to a lower level.

Despite the courts’ interest in cleaning the black money effect on the electoral process, the political parties appear annoyed with the ruling of transparency and accountability. Notwithstanding, a simple lady, facing queries like, “Are you a working lady?” or “Are you a teacher at a school?” replied keeping her mouth inelegantly whether you are joking. That employed woman keenly persisted, “I am certainly not joking but quite serious”.

Continuing her questions the bright-suited woman of indeterminate nature said that you looked like either chemistry or physics teacher. Yes, I find in you all signs of a highly experienced professional. Upon this she had to say, “How do you perceive me as an employed lady?”

She later smiled the smile that never touched her wide open eyes and replied: “No, absolutely not. I am just a housewife with two daughters and a son.”

Without possessing essential qualifications how could she establish herself as a teacher? More than this the science subjects have never been her favourite.

“Yes, I agree that I ‘m a teacher to myself in daily life. Also, I am a strict teacher to my little son. I keep on teaching him to not to waste time but to give more attention to studies”, she elucidated admitting that she is totally satisfied with her position of a housewife and quite contented with her ingrained plain and natural individuality.

Glancing idly round as none was paying any undue attention at them; she said, “I have things to do and I do what I can. I weigh the odds but I do not discern what the odds are. You do not care how you ask questions. Perhaps you’d care to think again about your inquiry. It is not totally unexpected because every now and then I’m confronted with unusual questions."


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