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Communal grumblings ebbing away hurriedly
Monday December 5, 2016 4:52 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Sikar Muslims

Although such instances are abounding in our country’s history yet there is a need to describe the new one of similar nature. This example has been set by the Muslims of Kolida village in Sikar district (Rajasthan). They donated parts of the land to the Meel (Jat) for constructing a temple.

First, it was ten years ago they donated one bigha of land, another half-a-bigha two years ago and lastly half bigha six months ago. Thus they donated two bighas (34,8,48 sqr feet) of their graveyard land to the Hindus. They definitely set an example of communal harmony between the Muslims and the Hindus.

This was a gesture shown by the rural people who by simply going on material altitude established a thing that can become godlike. While on another hand there is a dispute between both the communities for the land. It is surely politics that makes the situation quite intricate and complicated.

This is the story of Rajasthan where a group of Muslims donated land adjacent to their graveyard in order to become part of their happiness of raising a temple. The Hindus thus fulfilled their desire by raising a large temple on the entire length of the land.

This step was appreciated by the administration and the politicians as well. It must have sent a good message of communal amity all around and that’s why it gathered enough publicity at this hour of charged emotions.

It is after a gap of 24 years the animosity on the Ayodhya issue continues. None steps forward with an amicable solution. An atmosphere of fear, tension and disturbance begin to grip the people’s minds that have nothing to do with confrontation. It only disturbances their normal lives and a lot of troubles stare at their respective faces.

There raises a voice among the Muslim organisations for offering prayer at the Babri masjid site while other outfits make derision of this step. On account of these acerbic reactions much gets damaged till the stillness returns on the path leading to the deliverance from sorrows, worries and agonies.

Those who indulge in confrontation know it very well that the religion does not teach us what the philosopher-poet Sir Mohd Iqbal has said, ‘Majhab Nahi Sikhata Aapus Mein Baier Rakhna’. Denying all this logical philosophy we bring religious notions into every controversial matter and reap political benefits out of the internal strife.

What needs to be done by social organisations, educational institutions and religious institutions to infuse a sense of secular thoughts among the younger generation so that they could oppose rhetoric of the communal politicians ably and vehemently? There is also need to change the occidental concept of mud-slinging in the name of religion during the state elections at the initial level.

For every disposition, there is an appropriate hopelessness, a decent and polite impossibility, fitted to the frame of mind. Every sequence of thinking may end in elation but all approaching roads do not show the way of emancipation. It is on account of this very reason few among us currently prefer to walk far enough along the road of communalism.

What they normally find at this juncture is shattered structures growing so quaint as if they are becoming poetical rather than realistic. People do not comprehend how far the secular-minded people will proceed on the straight roads.

We never ponder over such people reaching everyone’s hearts by their noble deeds. We have reached to a situation that schools remain closed on the demolition day which deprives us to inculcate a lesson of secular values on that picky date in the year.

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