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Prime Minister Modi turns out hermit for poverty eradication
Monday December 5, 2016 4:43 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Modi in Moradabad

One after another smart steady statements are coming from none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose heart is now beating for the poor. His never-before-heard sentiments in connection with the poor people are indeed unique of its kind. First, he encouraged them to favour him in his party’s victory and now his drive against corruption requires their support. He went on saying that the rich people money deposited in the Jan-Dhan account would be made available to them. Thus he has waged a war against the poverty in the guise of seeking the poor's support in ensuing assembly polls in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

It was our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who had talked eradicating poverty from the country. Her party’s slogans like ‘Garibi Hatao’ were based on that angle. Strangely enough the poor and evil of poverty still persisted to such level as our present Prime Minister has undertaken a vow against this pain in the neck. That’s why he was completely devoted to the welfare of the poor. He was devising ways and means to empower the poor with the amounts deposited by the moneyed people in their Jan-Dhan account.

It reminded us of exercise which had been initiated through the abolition of the Zemindari system facilitating the tillers to own the lands they ploughed after independence. The landlords lost their lands easily to the farmers. But the irony of the fate was that corporate class bought those lands from the tillers.

Sarcastically making a remark over the moneyed people, he pointed out that it was demonetisation policy that compelled them to fold hands before the have-nots. His strength was his conviction in the asceticism (fakiri). Strangely enough, what Iron Lady of India did not bring to an end was now taken up by the country’s spirited leader holding a 56-inch wide chest declares himself a hermit (Fakir). His confidence and faith in the post-demonetised economy are very deep.

With this strong point, he appeared resolute for eradicating poverty from at least Uttar Pradesh. His objective was undoubtedly righteous and noble which was once throbbed into Gandhiji’s heart.

His own words, “Hum To Fakir Aadmi Hein, Jhola Lekar Chhal Padengey, Ye Fakiri Hai Jisne Mujhe Garibi Se Ladne Ki Taaqat Di Hai” are tremendous. Some had taken up it as amplification of his vocalisations and they maintained that the government welfare schemes being implemented through its five years plans had brought no effective change among the poor. Seventy-year long history of independent India abounded with examples of atrocities committed upon the poor.

Even the Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati wondered how a well-wisher of the affluent could be a hermit. Being the country’s Prime Minister his responsibilities and duties extend far beyond the simplicity of an ascetic.

He used to put on designer clothes for every occasion, fly in the air and meet with influential persons and irrefutably survives on a comfortable life. Does a recluse pass life in such a cosy glare?

Poverty is a condition raised out of extreme circumstances. It cannot be removed wholly. By bringing into force a cashless economy the poverty removal exercise cannot be affected. However, the recent rain spell in Tamil Nadu recoils their hopes.

But undeniably they are already under stress with cashless transactions. Perhaps, it is with this sympathetic thought, a Congress Party leader has commented that our prime minister was taking the country towards the jobless economy.

When the farmers are worried about the cash crunch they are tempted to bemoan over the unfavourable weather conditions at the sowing season. As it is time for the paddy crop, the rains could bring extreme cheers upon their desolate faces. But there seemed to be no stimulation or restoration of the good days. In turn, their hopes of better paddy crop are dwindling fast by seeing the weather god's mood.

The parched soil begins to contain alkaline content owing to the paucity of rains while the timely rainfall capably dissolves the salt content in the soil to a significant level. This natural course not only procures soil’s fertility but also augments per acre yields without a doubt.

It is certainly not a time to set any trend so the statement of poverty eradication looks redundant. It is a mockery of our democracy that a strange kind of sympathy awakens among the politicians’ hearts at the elections that are supposed to be initiated in the first quarter of the next year.

Speeches have become a way to draw people’s attention and trust. Our political leaders are well aware of this standard. That’s why the BJP leader seemed to have called him a solitary person.

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