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Let us spread happiness all around this Eid al-Fitr
Wednesday July 6, 2016 8:52 PM , Shakeel Ahmad,

Just at the fag-end of the fifth chapter of the Holy Quran we read the Arabic word ‘EID’ which means happiness. This annual festival spreads out such fine feeling all around. Everyone waits for arrival of the day after one complete year. Let us talk of the uneasiness that continues to perturb us in a different way ahead of the festive day. It is an attempt to sketch those moods and vibes.

The children tax their minds how to extract a sufficient amount of eidi from their elders. They plan and decide who to approach first and foremost and also how to enhance their collections on very first day of the festival. Their mental accuracy takes a big jump on this auspicious occasion that they generally do not show in their study. Suddenly they grow relations with everyone who looks quite mild & calm in divulging this instant gift in form of cash. Their vital target remains the ladies who turn out to be more generous in offering this special present which is received only on Eid. They continue to move around their near and dear ones for several rounds. Strangely enough, such closeness is not visible in normal days. If they do not get, their annoyance in slow voice comes to the ears. Informing of their scheme a group of kids like Saad, Raahim, Inabiya, Nabeel, and others stated that they would leave none for eidi in order to collect as much amount they can.

The ladies’ restlessness is worth seeing. They are so disturbed that nothing looks suitable for them. Whatever they choose to display in the houses come into their sight imperfect a little bit. They do not give the impression of being completely satisfied. Their preparations do not end till the last moment. That is why they are overheard saying if I would have got some more time the arrangements were far better. A housewife Azra Khatoon very clearly pointed out that we remain in tension till the last moment as our focus centre on every detail while another housewife Bushra Bibi told that my preparations for the festival is complete even though I consider something is missing. When questioned to clear, she without mincing words uttered there was something which I failed to memorize at this point of time. While another housewife was so upset that she left for her parents’ home in stress. One more housewife despite making arrangements from over a week announced to not to stay at her house on the first day.

The sellers look dried up as they bemoan of their stumpy sale and sometimes curse the weather while on another point of time speak of lower profits in their retail sale of various items. At this time of celebrations they seem to forget the spirit behind this festival. Irfan, who has arranged a temporary stall on the footpath, said that this year’s sale is being marred by the rains. The peak hour sale gets affected. In the meantime, Ashraf maintained we expected better sale but disappointment has come. We were trying to gain only the cost with marginal earnings.

The older people do not long for much though they are seen restless at their sheer neglect by their own dear ones. They certainly wish for more but show a great sense of patience. Despite their negligence they do not stop thinking about well-being of the younger generation. Haider Miyan, an eighty-year-old avers fall in moral values suggesting the younger generation for giving more time to their elders.

Finally there is no hesitation in expressing the fact that the crucial impatience is brought by none other than the members of the Hilal committees which announces the sighting of new moon. Not only the community people but also the district administration remains curious to learn final status of the moon sight as the provision of local sighting has maintained their position to a significant level. Obviously this year’s situation has not brought much fuss as the festival falls on Thursday. Eid Mubarak!


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