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‘Journalism is a different job indeed’
Saturday July 9, 2016 2:39 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

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It was a new class. The faces of the students were not new as they were promoted to a higher class following their success in the high school board examinations. What was new for them was presence of a new class teacher. They were quite frightened initially but soon their tension got evaporated with mild-toned and good-natured lady teacher.

Pointing the finger at a girl student, the class teacher stated with astonishment, “Your father’s job is different from others.” She was pensively looking at the admission form of the fresh batch of eleventh class at an English-medium higher secondary school in Defence Colony area here. The teacher’s reaction came out spontaneously owing to mentioning of a changed profession from others. Most of the students cited their respective fathers’ profession as business in the prescribed column of the form. It was a matter of big excitement for the student too.

When the girl told her father about this thing, his reaction was nothing unusual. He simply said to his daughter that the profession of journalism rendered a kind of impressive feeling among the people. It is a work and distribution of reporting on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are news of the day and that even inform society to at least some degree.

He added that in another way, it is a profession like medicine. Suppose it was profitable to set bones but not profitable to treat cancer. You contact doctor complaining that your cancer is not recuperating. He puts your arm in a cart and sends you home. Oh! He has to make money, you might say. But unfortunately patient dies. In this case, the journalists are supposed to cover what is actually happening, not what makes money for them.

With the expansion of electronic media this job has attained a totally diverse position. The general people think of the glittery view of the profession only, nonetheless they remain somewhat unmindful of the patience and tension of the working involved into this job, he further cleared.

For the class teacher it was a matter of rarity to find out that girl’s father’s job as ninety percent of the students of the class belonged to the business family.

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