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BarKing ‘Babu’ bends before Biwi
Friday July 15, 2016 6:12 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

[Image for representation purpose only.]

Now, humble & meek Babu begging wife to help him in his personal needs raising eyebrows for several in the house. They appeared not only surprised but also began talking over such a sudden change overnight. He was never so modest in his daily life. It is in our private life that we find such conspicuous characters. Their exceptional manners verify their transformed behaviour.

Standing by his pet name this exceptional moral fibre feels that he is like the Bollywood actor Amir Khan. How much is it correct is known only to him though one of his relatives usually calls him after the name of hero. He is undoubtedly a foppish character.

What we find distinctive in him at present is his complete submission towards his wife in the most literal sense. This has been caused owing to his fractured finger in a road accident recently. He is now totally dependent on his wife’s care who is treating him like a child for she helps him wear clothes and even gulp foods. This suits his pet name and it confirms the adorable name given to him by his elders. His wife has attributed his changed behaviour with injury but she does not forget to tell us of his ferociousness.

Therefore, she is observing prudence in dealing with this crucial time. Like the perfectionist hero, he pays extra attention to his injured ring finger and avoids unnecessary conversation with others. He feels quite uneasiness in narrating his account of accident so he has written every detail on a plain paper. If someone wants to know of his fracture, he produces the paper quickly before him. This novel idea should have stroked him most probably from his hero. When he was asked to comment upon this fresh method, he said that it was too difficult for him to narrate points of misfortune to everyone.

His acquaintances are sparing no time in making this sombre matter funnier by putting on interesting queries if he happens to face them either at his home or outside. At first, he evades questions and if it becomes essential for him to answer he attempts to dodge them by his long-winded replies.

It is really painful for him to miss a party because of his bandaged hand. Expressing his despair, he made it clear that how would he be able to present himself before the guests in bandage.

“It makes me feel awkward so I thought it better to remain absent from the glitter & gleam of the party”, he maintains.

As he planned to go to New Delhi one day, he was to catch the train early in the morning. His speedy drive made him to lose control of the bike and he skidded in an attempt to overtake auto.

He fell down on smaller pieces of stones which even pierced into his left hand. Its vestiges are clearly visible. While his right hand’s ring finger got fractured. He did not realise it initially and recounting a filmy dialogue, “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota” boarded the train for his desired journey.

On reaching there he came to know of the severe pain and swelling. Upon his return to the city from New Delhi on the same day he consulted the doctor for needed treatment. Following an x-ray report it was fixed on for bandage. Now, for at least three weeks he will beg of his wife for help.


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