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Commuters' call for better transportation services in Kanpur city areas
Saturday July 23, 2016 10:27 AM, Shakeel Ahmed,

Commuters’ hardships do not seem to reduce because of no possibility of any better transportation facility in the city areas. There certainly exists two modes of transport; one is the roadways city buses and another is the privately owned motors which do not provide satisfactory services to the daily commuters. If on one hand the roadways city buses are not running in sufficient numbers on different routes,on another hand, the private transportation runs on its own ways. The commuters neither tolerate their fare nor their arbitrary attitude. Therefore, they yearn for more city buses on diverse routes by the roadways department along with moderate fares.

Along with this, passengers’ friendly service for the commuters should lessen unnecessary troubles of the commuters. This will not only improve service but also invite commuters’ support to both the government as well as private transporters on city precincts.

Describing about the roadways city bus, a commuter told that he boarded a city bus of Fazalganj Depot from Purani Chungi stop in Jajmau area here, solely for cheaper fare in comparison to the private transportation. The conductor asked him to pay the fare and he readily gave the amount. Waiting for the computerised ticket to come, he completed his destination. But to his surprise, the conductor did not deem it fit to provide him necessary ticket. It simply indicated that the conductor saved money for himself. More than this, the driver of the bus was not prompt in stopping the moving bus for the passengers in spite of the conductor’s call. Even the stout conductor showed his annoyance over this. The bus was certainly not packed to its capacity. A good number of seats were vacant. This is the condition of the roadways buses here.

The department concerned bemoans of running the city buses in deficit. So long as the roadways employees will not mend their ways, the profits will be a far dream, said the passengers. Whereas route survey for lowering city buses’ fares will raise the revenue but not without increasing strength of the city buses, insisted the passengers.

They also point out that the hike in fare by the private transportation has been unbearable on almost all the routes for the commuters in the city areas. The tempo drivers are worse in this regard because they charge fares on their own whims. In this regard a daily commuter apprising of reality stated that he had to cough up diverse fares for travelling on the same route in Cantonment area. It is arbitrary charge on their part. They did not seem to fear of any rule. That is why they extract fares in accordance with the commuter’s compulsion. Had there been ample number of roadways buses on this route, there would have been no problem as such, they maintained.

If the roadways department plies sufficient city buses on important routes in the city areas the fare will surely come down and with this randomness of tempos, autos & e-rickshaws will also drop, felt the commuters.




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