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Extra care for new scooty turns 'doctor' a joker!
Saturday July 23, 2016 10:26 AM, Shakeel Ahmed,

[Image not real. For representation purpose only.]

What draws our attention unexpectedly is care for the scooty by a man coming to the posh British days english-medium girls' school to carry his wards. Just as he parks his brand new two-wheeler at the gate on Tagore Road here in Cantonment area, his nervousness begins to become visible on his bearded face. Neither does he like to leave his vehicle far from his constant observation nor does he tolerate any kind of slight scratch or dent to his fresh motor vehicle. It is due to this very inner motivation he throws up a little more attention to his white-coloured scooty.

For a moment it looks a bit strange for those who view unflinching love for new scooty.

“It is psychological stimulus that drives a person to show utmost affection to his new acquirement”, said a beholder on the spot.

What is more interesting to notice in him is that he does not like to part away from his scooty even for a second and if he senses anything might cause harm to his new vehicle he without losing anytime rushes back to the parked scooty and begins to move it to and fro in order to save from damage.

In this continuous exercise he almost forgets his wards though do not forget to raise his head towards the direction his girls are coming. It becomes little difficult for him to see his wards among group of girls but he attempts to find out them by maintaining a balance between his stare at the scooty and the daughters approaching towards him.

His unique style of observation makes everyone to express amusement but he remains unmindful of all this and keeps himself busy in securing his scooty by the roadside. Though he used to come earlier by the car that he avoided to park near the school gate but since he has changed his mind to bring scooty we are watching different actions. The moment he parks his new vehicle, his roving eyes covering black goggles does not miss a second’s glance at white two-wheeler. We come to think of love for a new thing is a human habit. We all like shiny new things, whether it is a new gadget, new place or new vehicle. Verily our brains are made to be attracted to newness.

Donning white Kurta & pyjama with a skull cap he looks quite simple but he is actually famous as a medical doctor in his circle. Despite his understanding of the simple fact that whatever new today will be old tomorrow, he demonstrates an extreme love for an inanimate thing as several persons point out adding that it appears odd to see his extra carefulness towards the mechanical machine designed for speedy run. He appears concerned so much only because of the newness but he seems to miss the point that this will turn out old one day. Then he will come to think of the saner people’s thought of discarding love for things which are not going to benefit you in the life after death. Although he uses the modern mode of transportation yet he seems to be lacking scientific temper.




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