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Israeli Rabbi calls to poison water used by Palestinians
Tuesday June 21, 2016 0:56 AM, Agencies

Gaza (West Bank):
Even as Israel's national water company Mekorot cut water supply to large areas of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, an Israeli Rabbi has called on the settlers to poison water used by Palestinians, in order for them to leave 'their' lands.

Rabbi Shlomo Mlmad, the chairman of the so-called Council of Rabbis in West Bank settlements, called on settlers to poison Palestinians through their water supply, which came to light by the Israeli organization ‘Breaking the Silence’.

The foreign ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Sunday, demanded the arrest of the Jewish Rabbi, who called on Israeli settlers to poison water used by Palestinians in hundreds of towns and villages across the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian national office for the defense of land and resistance of settlements warned of the dangers and consequences of such calls.

"While Israel continues to pose multiple restrictions on Palestinians who try to dig water wells, this call by Rabbi Mlmad is considered a crime against humanity because it targets humans, animals, corps and all forms of life in the occupied Palestinian territory," the statement, released by the foreign ministry, said.

"What is the international community waiting for to interfere; the death of thousands of Palestinians of thirst? To meet such incident with silence and ignore the war Israel is waging against Palestinians is a cause of shame for the international community," the statement added.

Meanwhile, Israel's national water company Mekorot cut water supply to large areas of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, leaving tens of thousands of Palestinians without drinking water during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Al Jazeera reported on June 15.

According to the United Nations, 7.5 liters of water per person per day is the minimum requirement for most people in the world but in some areas of Palestine where the summers are extremely hot, the minimum requirement of water intake and use is much higher.

Since 1967, Israel has limited the water available to Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since its military forces illegally occupied the both territories.

Israelis, including its citizens living in the illegal settlements constructed on occupied Palestinian territories, consume five times more water than Palestinians in the West Bank, 350 liters per person per day in Israel compared with 60 liters per Palestinian per day in the West Bank.

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