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Bizarre words grow via social networks typically
Monday October 3, 2016 11:41 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Social Media

Though veteran activist Anna Hazare does not much like social networks as he pointed out this vital point in his latest chat with the comedian Kapil Sharma, who warned the users to remain careful on Twitter, much of our present-day difficulty arises merely from obsession to the domains like Whatsapp, the Facebook and even the Instagram. Those who remain connected with these networks are knowingly or unknowingly developing a kind of language indefinable or vague languages with their respective messages.

Is it good for the growth of social conversations?

If we read the typed terms or words on the mobile sets, even experienced stenographers will be dazed for a jiffy. Words are changed as if its soul appears to have gone astray. We are familiar with a very popular word O.K., a short form of the colloquial speech by a regal authority. But now such type of words has become a routine exercise by the social network users with confident complacency.

There is no shortage of so many conversational words that seem quite new but without a perfect meaning. Only those users continue to chat on such sites.

Along with this we also stumble upon very surprising types of information that are also gripping users’ mind adversely. In a rush to write diminutive words, such expressions are widening on these applications. When a few users were asked to answer on how did they suddenly develop a fresh new slang word?

“It is spontaneous”, said a girl showing enough interest for these applications. While another girl answered: “It was their practice which helped them to write so informally.” Yet another user replied, “What we habitually practised in our expressions was short sentences.”

Popular expressions of every user are so irritable that none can explain properly. Only the sender can understand and the receiver can reply. Everyone will accept it like any other elemental things. The typed words do not usually have any meticulous definition and also possess no substitutes or alternatives. If a reader falls back repeatedly on such disgraceful expressions, there remains every chance of saying that these words are devoid of any suitable meaning because these seldom state what these are actually meant for. Although the users claim of using the word in the wisest possible way yet they fail to clarify what the word flawlessly means.

How could one deny the fact the type of information being carried out by these well-liked structures are massively sound and based on actual facts? A woman told that she read on the Whatsapp of a story about products with the brand name after Baba’s girlfriend Anjali. Is there any accuracy in this tale? The sources reveal that Patanjali came to this earth to give knowledge of Yoga and his birth also has different versions. One version relates that he fell from heaven in the form of a little snake into the upturned plans (a gesture known as anjali) of his virgin mother Gonika, herself a powerful yogini. It will not be contradictory to write that Patanjali lived around second century B.C. and wrote books on Ayurveda, a system of medicine prevalent in Kasi during his time.

Not many of us probably know that the world’s three most popular networks----Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram---- are owned by one entity which is Facebook Inc. They are still too powerful in their respective domains but the languages are deeply losing its impressive basics, indicate clever minds.

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