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Cold confusions, wild surprises distract girls at fashion fair
Monday October 3, 2016 11:51 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what it is. About half-a-dozen inquisitive girls brimming with intense curiosity reached the place where a fashion fair was ornately and superficially held. Certainly, it is difficult to say exactly what the curious girls gained from this special fair when festivals are just around the corner.

First and foremost, they appeared a little upset with the hot stuffy space. The stalls were too small to accommodate more than two purchasers. This was not worth appreciating as they were overheard saying of their more than enough uneasiness in undergoing such a sticky situation. Not only had this but the paucity of drinking water also irritated them a lot. They also observed that they were moving out in an unreal world.

The fair was useful in surmounting their sense of innocence but it was in no way far behind in concealing the rascal quality of the materialistic world where reputations and fame are given utmost value. The real world used to depict unsatisfactory pictures. More or less only beautiful looking women were registering their presence. Whatever colours and fabrics were displayed at various stalls was looking perfect with hideous impulses of women often not clear or plain.

The real world is filled with cold confusions and wild surprises as these girls were supposed to have realised following to their informal conversations with the women present there either on the stalls as the salesperson or those turned up there as purchasers.

The moody girls were in no way unaware of the latest fashion trends owing to their regular habit of the net surfing but still what they desired to notice was a lot more recent items. And much to their satisfaction, they happened to enjoy the impressive things. Though one girl among them showed an adequate concentration on selection of dress materials and even bought so many pieces of the fashionable dresses without least concern of the comparatively higher prices.

But another girl did not pursue what her friend went through. She thought it pertinent to declare that she would better go for the shopping at New Delhi. Her main quandary was the very expensive dresses and she seemed quite sure of getting such sparkling suits at much lesser prices. That is why she avoided buying any item from the fair.

The remaining girls also expressed that the displayed pieces were unique and novel indeed. They appeared satisfied with international trends by attending this exceptional fair. Leave aside the trendy and usual perfectly designed dresses, varied varieties of show pieces; deftly designed items, colourful works and obviously imaginative outlines captivated them immensely and incalculably. Though the girls unexposed to such expensive markets were seen confident enough in their discussions.

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