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Arvind Kejriwal's intricacies fade before Anna Hazare's simplicity
Wednesday September 7, 2016 7:20 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,


Anna Hazare is known for his simplicity. Such trait in him offers people to draw towards him. He feels a little disappointed with AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal for his negligence in the selection of simpler politicians in his cabinet. A simple man is a rare animal among human creatures. His simple pride and hunger, his considerate care for living and his intense eagerness of learning are things that come into view more often with tales of fearlessness. When he consciously speaks for simplicity, he unconsciously thinks of intricacies of life. If we are careful of these traits of simplicity, we are truly following reasonable approach to life.

Simplicity is just a good moral word as we are supposed to define it. Without doubt simplicity and complexity do not go equally. How well does it feel at the time of experiencing the influence of simplicity; it is descriptive, instructive and illustrative, even freeing. It eliminates or at least reduces intricacy, ornamentation even pretentiousness. It cuts out the extraneous in the middle. It is a faster way to get to whatever you are hankering after.

Our propensity towards this quality must not get smaller owing to frugal reasons. That’s why we find actor Rishi Kapoor saying that we must not distance ourselves from simplicity in any way. This observance by the tinsel-town actor is commendable indeed. Giving an instance of his life he told how awkward he felt at the sight of a renowned film hero dismounting from an economical car whereas he got off from the costly Rolls-Royce car at the same time.

Despite grasping all the good values of life we fail to avoid ostentatious tendencies. And we more often move in acquiring the latest version of whatever we aspire for. For such reasons, among others, a neighbour asked, “Why don’ you change your old scooter.” Although the matter was nothing significant yet he managed to stroke it on an unanticipated weakness.

Such a conceited neighbour is available in every locality. There can be no generosity as rough as this neighbour’s simplicity. He was trying to ascertain himself as being soft in the wrong matter. Cutting off in the middle of the conversation, the scooter owner screwed his eyes shut in sudden comprehension, opened them again and glancing at him squarely spoke to him in measured tones. There was no need to stumble upon any such ineffective suggestion as his philosophy was slightly different.

Striding up to the scooter’s rear side, the crafty neighbour further asked: Do you intend to do anything? “Old is always gold”, was his prompt reaction to him. Now, the old scooter is turning over without any instantaneous mechanical hitch and the owner’s mundane experiences are enhancing each day.

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