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Sale of sacrificial goats not as much promising in Kanpur
Saturday September 10, 2016 11:15 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Bakra Eid

Sale of sacrificial goats is not as much promising as is stated by the sellers who are bringing their stock either from Unnao side or from Fatehpur side. The rate of the goats is much higher than the buyers' expectations The market has begun to arrange in Jajmau Nai Chungi area here.

The buyers are trying their haggling habit to bring the sellers on an agreeable amount after selecting the healthy animal which must fulfil the defined conditions needed for the sacrifice. Most of the sellers are converging under the famous Ganga Bridge as ample vacant space for this purpose suits their sale.

They belong to trans-Ganges areas which stretch up to Unnao district and some of them are turning up from Sarsaul Tehsil. They come with loads of the better quality goats in the morning from those areas and stay in the market till late in the night.

Most of the sellers claim that their flocks are fulfilling the standard of the finer quality as they have reared them with an aim to sell the goats during the festival of Eid-ul-Azha. Not only Muslim sellers were found to be moving with their goats in the market but the Hindu sellers have also put their stocks for the sale.

Some people were of the opinion that it was quite good to buy the sacrificial goat during the night hours as the sellers begin to think of their stockpile for disposal hurriedly so that they could return to their places early on the time.

While a lot of others think there is no difference in the rate whether you buy the goat in the day or at the time of darkness. During the daytime, one finds a good opportunity to judge the animal’s quality. The sellers’ minds do not change as they sell the goat on their pre-determined rates.

Regarding the goat’s rate, it can be expressly stated that it ranged from Rs eight thousand to eighteen thousand. The sellers are not hesitant in reducing the hiked rates with a penchant for the cutback of a paltry amount of one hundred rupees only.

The market is not yielding enough business but the sellers are well aware of the fact that the profit chances are not scanty till the Bakrid day. The presence of touts and the local butchers annoys the humble purchasers because they hamper the sale on the agreed amount. When a purchaser takes the seller on confidence, their sudden interference ruins the sale.

On being asked a query, the sellers told that the higher rate restricts the middle-class purchasers in encouraging numbers. The number of sold out goats in a day is not as high as the buyers’ number remains in the temporary goat market.

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