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Indian merchant too high-toned for trade in Dubai
Monday September 26, 2016 12:58 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Dubai Indians
[Indians in Dubai celebrate Independence Day on August 15 in this file photo.]

Streets are not life, cities and civilisations are not life, faces and voices are not life itself. Life is within, and no man has seen it at any time. As for our meals, and our manners, and our daily dress, these are things exactly like sonnets; they are random symbols of the soul. One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots and still another in business with an aim to achieve certain success in life. The bespectacled almost bald-headed guest from Dubai overpowered us through his patriotic feelings and talked at length about how he turned out a successful merchant of his own unique quality while his years of stay in that beautiful state.

Though he had passed twenty-seven long years of his precious life in the Arab land, his deep-rooted Indianness has not waned from his talks, manners, or style of dealing with his suppliers. He is still as much Indian as he was in his earlier days.

“Life in the Gulf countries like Dubai is nothing different from our country”, said the middle-aged guest. He is a kind of person who loved to believe a thing himself and without its exaggeration, his soul becomes serious thereby turning his words a little wild on different matters.

Extending his length of discussion he indicated of the patriotism of the Indians living there. There was no exaggeration in his revelation of the Indians infused with the entire sobriety of the patriotic feelings and how they cared about that mood.

Whatever one might think of Dubai, glowing words in praise of the motherland did not seem to end from his expressions. Subsequently, his face started beaming with the incessant admiration for the country and he proudly read the line: “Sare Jehan Se Accha... Hindostan Hamara.”

Upon a query of how do the Indians express love for the country, he stated that very strong and intense sense of patriotism dwell in their hearts every time. They did not talk either of the Nehruvian secularism or the Hindutva saffronisation but only of the nationalistic values bonding us.

“What remains utmost important for us there is our intense love for the country? We continued to think of its well-being. Our concerns do not diminish any moment but it is more than enough in a way”, he emphasised.

Appreciating the central government’s efforts to bring back all those countrymen who were badly stranded in Saudi Arabia after losing their jobs, he said that it showed sympathetic attitude. There were different reasons behind the persisting crisis, he maintained.

What troubled him more there are the frozen foods? “It upsets the digestive systems wholly”, pointed out the man in stylish T-shirt and most recently designed Jeans with an excellent costly mobile set in his hand. Otherwise, he felt there was not anything so problematic in that far-off country where the roads look so clean and the traffic runs smoothly.

What led you to go to that Arabian land? Answering to this particular question, that vociferous guest cleared that following completion of his high school he was thinking about some odd jobs but luckily his elder brother asked him to search possibilities of good earnings in Dubai where he had been staying for the past several years. For him, it was a right offer and this suggestion proved what he never thought in his early life.

Now he says, “It was his sheer luck which helped him to be a perfect dealer there.” He has established himself soundly in that dazzling country where we hear of those majestic buildings which are as higher as the sky.

In so many years he experimented with varied trades but did not distance himself from the core trading of the leather goods. When asked to comment on his particular disposition, he instantly replied, “It suited him the most because of easy availability of the finished leather items from the suppliers in Kanpur."

At present, he has reached a position where he does not feel compunction in presenting a costly gift to his relatives if they ask him to bring on his return and this has been recently proved by the presentation of an Armani brand wrist watch to his niece on her engagement in the city.

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