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Indian Muslim’s Predicament And The Way Forward

The motive is to pull out the Muslim community from the comfort zone and detract them from making any progress and by involving them on such matters keep them busy

Saturday September 16, 2017 8:50 AM, Syed Ali Mujtaba,

Indian Muslims

What are the India Muslims Predicaments?

Every other day we read a story in the newspaper or on telly that directly targets Muslims in one or the other way. The predicament of Indian Muslims is why this happens to them alone and not to any other community in the country?

It appears as if there is a systematic machinery which is working day in and day out to create a strong narrative to defame the Indian Muslims. There is a strong resolve to psychologically demolish the single largest minority in the country.

One can equate such demons of the demolition squad with those who did the same to the Dalits, in the hoary past when they were undefended, unprotected and were rudderless folks in the country.

Any amount of reasoning to such people that Muslims too are nationalist and they too have fought for independence of the country seems to fall on the deaf ears.

Even the reasoning that Muslims continue to build and serve the nation with distinction do not bend the mind –set of the hate Muslims brigades.

Those who are mentally and physically up in arms to hurt the Muslims in India have no remorse on Muslims that have decided to live in this country out of free will, unprotected, unarmed and primarily at the mercy of the majority community.

This is not to deny the fact that that every person from majority community is a lynch mob and there is no human worth the salt among the Sanatan Dharma. In fact our country stands tall in this aspect because it’s the magnanimity, tolerance and secular values of the Sanatan Dharma that such a colorful mosaic of different religious community is built in the country.

However, the way the current political discourse is being built against the Muslims community is alarming beyond limits as this has never happened before in the country.

The data journalists have enough ammunition to prove that a large scale and deep rooted hysteria is being built over the last 3 years or so when the BJP government came to power in 2014 against the peaceful Indian Muslim community.

There are three possible reasons for this large scale propaganda to target the Muslim community and keep them in the line of fire and are as follows:

1. To distract attention of the countrymen from the matters of common concern. That is not to let the people think and ask questions on their primary concerns of development, economic mismanagement, crony capitalism, shrinking jobs, farmers suicide, youth unrest, growing incidence of violence against women etc. Added to it are the PDS scam, Vyapam scam, the mining scam, the LED scam etc.

2. The second reason is to keep Indian Muslims engaged in non-productive discussions and derail them from their main objectives of life by putting into circulations issues such as Triple Talaq, Halala, UCC, forced singing of national anthem, killing of Muslims in the name of cow protection, Love jihad etc. All these are part of the diabolic designs to make Muslims live in perpetual insecurity .

The motive is to pull out the Muslim community from the comfort zone and detract them from making any progress and by involving them on such matters keep them busy.

It will not be difficult to estimate how much collective time and energy the Muslim community is losing trying to counter these pressures put on them. This is extremely detrimental to the progress of the community.

3. The third reason behind such mechanization is to implement the divide and rule policy and gain political dividends. Muslims are soft target to cash on the political gains. This has happened in the past and continues even today. There are studies done that shed light how Muslim pot is kept on the burning fire and how they are being used for political gains.

The way forward for the Muslim Community

If this is the stark reality of Indian Muslim’s predicament then what is the way forward? What Muslims should do, especially the youth in these testing times?

Here are a few suggestions which may help the community to overcome their predicaments and counter this dirty game that is played against them in recent times.

i) First and foremost is to stay focused on life’s primary goals that are; education, career, business, social work and other such things that are essential for their progress. In this endeavour, the incidents reported in the media against the Muslims should not distract them from their life’s primary goals. They should not waste their precious time in debating such non-productive obstacles put before them. Not everyone is qualified to debate on these matters so let the experts who are better qualified to do so handle such matters.

ii) The second message to the Muslim youth is to be realistic. They should not be driven by emotions and get hyper reactive to everything they read in the newspaper and watching on the television. It is only calm attitude towards such sufferings and humiliation can give strength and courage to fight the evil forces working against them.

iii) The youth must remember that we are all duty bound to work for the betterment of the country. This is irrespective of who is ruling the country. Nation and political party in power are two different things and the two cannot be confused. Political parties will come and go but our relationship with the nation and its people should never change. A set of forces that has formed majority now can become minority in the next general election. So Muslim youth should continue to serve the nation in whatever capacity they can. They should direct their energy towards what they can do best.

iv) Muslim youth should not become despondent with the prevailing situation around them and must avoid getting pulled down into negativity. They should participate in constructive discussions and should have positive approach towards handling such difficult tests put before them.

v) The most harmful thing would be to talk the language of violence. This the Muslim youth should never ever nurse any such dreams. In fact that is the hidden agenda of the Muslim opponents to demolish the Muslim their psyche to such a level that they see no hope for and resort to the language of violence. This would be very convenient situation to brand Muslims as terrorist and hound them as evil forces of the nation.

vi) Indian Muslims should shun have two perennial problems. One is arrogance of eight hundred years of Muslim rule in India and being part of the larger Umma that is in majority in almost 50 nations of world and the second is ignorance about world outside to them. These two killer disease can only be eradicated first by education and then by proving the mettle by attaining success. Unless you don’t reach at sufficient height of success no one will listen to your cries and you weep in ignominy.

vii) The next is do not be afraid to speak the truth. This is exactly what the opponents want to achieve. They like to instil fear and silence your voice. Remember, there is a creator and the almighty has created you from the dust and finally you have to rest in the dust alone.

viii) Last but not the least; keep praying that peace and harmony prevails in our country. Set an example by way you lead your life that all may come to you seeking your guidance. They know if you are a real Muslim, you are true human being. This is exemplified by the large number of mausoleums of Muslim saints spread throughout the country and where the majority is of non-Muslims that come to seek their blessings.

ix) The Muslim community should not bask of such privileges like; Law, Justice, constitution courts etc. They are all post damage control exercises. Who will bring them to life if it’s taken by an individual or a mob? The fact is Muslims in India are like the tongue that lives surrounded by the thirty two teethe. So they should not do anything that may antagonize the majority community and become a cause their destruction.

x) Finally a request to all those who are humanist and care for Muslims to speak against the injustices that are taking place against them in the country. Their silence maybe co9nstrued as conspiracy and it’s only their voices of protest that can protect the spirit of India.

Ultimately, its united we stand- divided we fall that should guide us all in reliving the Muslims from their predicament. Jai Hind!

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at]

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