Last updated - Friday March 22, 2019 8:28 PM
Jacinda Ardern Death Threat

You Are Next: New Zealand Prime Minister receives death threats

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is being hailed for the strong support and solidarity she extended to the Muslims ever since the Christchurch mosques terror attack last Friday, has received death threats on micro-blogging social media site . ... More

Azaan on New Zealand TV

Live Azaan on New Zealand national TV on 1st Friday after Christchuch terror attack

In yet another touching display of solidarity with the Muslims, the national television and radio channels in New Zealand will broadcast live Azaan on 1st Friday after a white right wing terrorist stormed into Masjid Al Noor in Christchurch killing 50 peaceful worshipers. ... More

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New Zealand Terror Attack

NZ mosque shooting is result of the rhetoric of hate against Islam

Senator Anning, it is not the gun laws, nor the immigration that are the reasons for violence of this nature. It is people like you who open their mouths and spew the venom of their supremacist racism and their hate and rejection .... More

New India

Is this the new India we imagined?

A belligerent consciousness thus confronts a majority of Indians in their daily contact with politics, media and culture. In this way, such a mode of thinking permeates into the everyday life of the citizenry and becomes part of our everyday discoure. A belligerent consciousness thus confronts a majority of ... More

Ayodhya Mediation

Ayodhya Dispute Mediation is Bludgeoning of Indian Constitutional Polity: Open Letter to CJI

The religions of the parties were not named but it was clear that Supreme Court Bench meant to heal relationship between Hindus and Muslims. Such a stand presents serious dangers to the principles of Rule of Law or Due Process of Law on .... More

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2019 Lok Sabha Election

Elections 2019: India at Crossroads

Modi and company have driven a serious wedge in the unity of the country. The issue of Ram Temple, Ghar Wapasi, Love jihad and finally Cow-beef have seriously affected the fraternity of Indians, which is the foundation of the secular democracy. .... More

Alo Read

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Schedule: 07 Phase Polls, Voting for 1st Phase on 11 April

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Haj Payment Date 2019

Haj 2019: Last date to pay First Installament Amount extended

The Haj Committee of India on Wednesday extended the last date to make the First Balance Amount Payment (also called as First Installament Amount Payment) ... More

About Hajj

Hajj reflects true face of Islam in Unity, Togetherness and Humility

Hajj is an epic experience that can truly change a person through a spiritual cleansing that is profound. Islam came to eliminate racism and tribalism, and in due... More

Hajj 2018 Sermon

Only Tauheed, believing in oneness of God, will lead to path of success: Hajj pilgrims told

Dr Hussein bin Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh said that Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam which has been made obligatory ... More

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