Last updated - Saturday November 6, 2021 1:52 PM
Covid-19 Oral Drugs

"Lagevrio": World's first oral pill against Covid gets UK nod

The UK's medicines regulator on Thursday approved Merck's molnupiravir -- the world's first oral antiviral medicine against Covid-19, which can halve the risk of hospitalisation or death for patients with mild or moderate cases of the infectious diseas .... More

WHO Covid Warning

Europe, Central Asia likely to see 500K Covid deaths by Feb: WHO

Over the last four weeks, the region saw a 55 per cent increase in new Covid-19 cases, while Europe and Central Asia together accounted for 59 per cent of global cases and 48 per cent of reported deaths. Over the last four weeks, the region saw a 55 per .... More

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Milk Adultration

Experts issue warning about the impact of adulterated milk on fertility in Indians

Milk is known for its numerous health benefits in people of all age groups ranging from children to old people. But lately the problem of adulteration of food products has .... More

Male contraceptive

In a first, scientists to put male contraceptive gel into trials

Currently, the only forms of contraception available to men are condoms and vasectomies, though researchers have sought contraception options similar to those for women in recent years, reports the Daily Express. .... More

Heart Attack

Stroke in Developing Countries: How to Combat the Uptrend

WHO 2015 data shows that stroke was the 2nd leading cause of mortality in both high-income and middle-income economies. However, it ranked 3rd in low-income economies, where respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases . .... More

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