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Delhi Dispute: Is LG Jung Wrong? Is CM Kejriwal right?
Monday June 1, 2015 11:39 PM, Kaleem Kawaja,

1. Delhi is not a state like any other state of India. It is a union territory. In 1991, the parliament framed some laws for the governance of this union territory. Those laws say that in a lot of areas Delhi will be governed by Home Ministry through LG and CM. Both have been given certain powers. LG is authorized to appoint senior bureaucracy officers, transfer them etc. He may consult the CM in this respect but that is his discretion. CM is authorized to conduct day to day administration but NOT in areas of police and land authority of whome is with Home Ministry. Since Delhi is not a state, the Constitution gives Delhi CM much less power than the CMs of other states.

2. In the past also some Delhi CMs have asked for more power from central govt. But they did not indulge in confrontation, and insulting of LG, motion in Assembly to impeach LG and degrading LG in public that Kejriwal is doing directly and through his henchmen. Kejriwal is obviously trying to acquire power that does not belong to Delhi CM and belongs to LG. But unless the constitution is amended to give Delhi CM that power, he is committing unlawful activities.

3. Kejriewal has charged LG with accepting bribe from central govt (Alka Lamba statement in Assembly). Kejriwall has asked his MLAs to move a motion in the Assembly to impeach LG. Kejriwal has said in street protests organized by him that LG is preventing his efforts to remove corruption. Yet he never provided any proof .

4. Kejriwal's wishes is one thing and the provisions of law are another. Why should LG allow CM Kejriwal to take away his authority and reduce him to a rubber stamp?

5. Kejriwal has distorted the recent directive by Delhi HC to claim that it has found LG in the wrong. Absolutely no such thing has happened. HC commented in the Delhi Anti Corruption Branch's desire to investigate charges of corruption against ministers/officers of central govt by saying that the Home Ministry directive in the matter stopping the ACB is "suspect". It did not say that Home Ministry is wrong. It made no mention of LG's powers as mentioned above.

6. Delhi HC has set a date in August to hear this matter further. Supreme Court has admonished HC by saying that it made its opinion last week without hearing the Central Govt.

7. Can anyone give some proof of how LG is helping Central Govt against Delhi CM? If LG upholds the law as it exists now defining the authorities of Central govt., LG and CM, is he doing something wrong? Should LG work in violation of existing laws to help Delhi CM? Will that be a legal thing for LG to do?

8. Why do some people not find Kejriwal's dictatorial behaviour, his deceiving/ backstabbing/expelling his own party senior leaders and many volunteers whom he had promised humility, no arrogance, principle based politics, his attempt to put media on trial (that was stopped by Supreme Court) , his promotion of his personality cult, eg his photo on every AAP banner/advertisement, his tolerating no dissent within his party and govt as objectionable? The SC stopped him from spending govt money to promote his personality through advertisements

9. Before we get influenced by propaganda blitz, street protests and attacks, let us reflect on the laws of the land and follow them. Politicians who live outside the laws have caused huge harm to the nation. Let us stop that practice and bring back politics based on principles, laws and constitution.

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