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AMU to rename Department of Strategic Studies after Tipu Sultan
Wednesday May 6, 2015 5:48 PM, News Network

[AMU Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen Zameer Uddin Shah speaking at the seminar on Tipu Sultan]

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) will rename its department of the strategic studies after Tipu Sultan as a tribute to the first Indian king who fought gallantly to thwart the attempt of making India slave, Lt .General Zamir Uddin Shah, Vice chancellor of the university said while delivering the presidential remarks at a seminar held here.

It was the third national seminar in succession on "Tipu Sultan: Secularism and Communal harmony" organised by the Sir Syed Awareness Forum (SAF) to mark the death anniversary of Tipu Sultan. The Chief Guest of the programme was Brig. (Dr.) Surjit Pabla, Vice-Chancellor, Manglayatan University, Aligarh.

Chief Guest, Brig. (Dr.) Surjit Pabla, Vice Chancellor, Manglayatan University, Aligarh said that when someone challenges the ruling power that be, he becomes an icon and his struggle against the tyrannical rule denotes great ethical force. He further said that Tipu Sultan all through his life strove for ensuring the welfare of his subjects and many people have highlighted this aspect. He was the embodiment of secularism and still symbolise our shared legacy. Brig. Pabla said that Tipu Sultan was not a ruler only but he was an engineer and he gave missile technology to the world.

He further said that if Germany could unite, why cannot India and Pakistan emulate it? Thus, he suggested that this movement should start from Aligarh Muslim University and if it ever happens then we will be having the largest and the most powerful army of the world and India will become the most prosperous nation of the world. "We should create an environment where Hindus should build the biggest Mosque of the world and the Muslims should construct a temple" he concluded

Presiding over the seminar, Lt. Gen (Rtd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice Chancellor, AMU, Aligarh said that Tipu Sultan has been his icon right from the childhood. He was deeply inspired by the unprecedented bravery and exemplary courage of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan in difficult circumstances.

He further informed the audience about the approval of Faculty of International Studies where one of the important department of Studies will be the Dept. Of Strategic Studies and which will be named after Tipu Sultan. He said that he had promised to establish this Dept two years ago in the First seminar on Tipu Sultan organized by SAF. He said that in this way we can honour one of the great heroes and warriors of our country.

He explained the diversity with the example of salad bowl where different types of fruits and vegetables are put together beautifully. He further said that he is very proud to be an Indian. Congratulating Prof. Shakeel Samdani, he is doing yeoman service by the Sir Syed Awareness Forum. In the last he reiterated his slogan by "AMU will be ONE by 2017".

Speaking on this occasion, Founder President of SAF, Prof. Shakeel Samdani said that nowadays effort is being made to make "hero as zero and zero as hero" but we will not allow this thing to happen in the case of Tipu Sultan Shaheed. Tipu Sultan by sacrificing his life for defending the country had not only included his name in the list of martyrs but had got his his name itched in golden words on the pages the history of India.

Prof. Samdani said that researches have shown that Tipu's rule was the best example of secularism and communal harmony. He was very popular among the non Muslims and that was the reason that the people of Mysore especially the Brahimins requested the British to make a member of Tipu's family as the next king of Mysore, but due to the traitors and hypocrites this couldn't happen. Prof. Samdani expressing his anguish and sorrow he said that in independent India the descendents of Hazrat e Tipu are forced to pull rickshaw and to do very pity work for their livelihood. He asked the audience to do something for the welfare of these unfortunate people.

Prof. Ali Athar, Chairman, Dept. Of History, AMU, said that Tipu Sultan was a secular ruler as in his administration, a large number of Hindus were in the high position and he, unlike British allowed the soldiers to surrender. He further said that a large number of allegations are there on Tipu Sultan that he was anti-Hindu and what I can say is, it’s up to you to judge whether he was secular or not after going through available literatures on him.

Prof. Naima Gulrez, Principal of the Women’s College, AMU said in Tipu Sultan’s reign, the majority was of Hindus but there had never been majority rebel, is a clear evidence that he was a secular ruler and there was no clash of interests during his rule.

Prof. N. A. K. Durrani, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, said in his lecture that Tipu Sultan was an embodiment of secular and communal harmony. He was a practicing Muslim and believed in the culture of his time. He lives in the hearts of his subjects. He was the master in four languages i.e., Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Kannada; he was the man who designed the rocket and was the builder of Cannon. He introduced the Mysore craft in his reign and one should take an administrative lesson from him.

Human Right Activist Dr. Mohibul Haq, Dept. Of Faculty of Political Sciences, AMU, while congratulating the forum's President Prof. Shakeel Samdani for organizing a very successful seminar in the summer season and said that this type of seminars should be organized throughout the country. He further said that history has been distorted and manipulated; so deconstructing the myth and establishing the truth is the main work of the intellectuals. And Tipu Sultan was champion of liberty.

S.P. Traffic, Arum Kumar Singh said that Tipu Sultan is a living example of communal harmony. No one can remove the great works done by him. He said that he had studied about Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan at primary level and he has no hesitation in saying that he is feeling elevated by attending the seminar in memory of a great soldier Tipu Sultan.

I.P. Singh Josh, Additional District Judge of Aligarh said that apart from equality giving rights to the minorities we should do more for them so that the country may prosper more. We need to be tolerant when it comes to religious issues. Comparing Raja Ranjeet Singh with Tipu Sultan he said that the Sikh community Raja Ranjeet in the same way in which the people of India, especially Muslims love and respect Tipu. He expressed his happiness about the popularity of forum and the increasing capabilities of its members.

Dr. C.L. Sonkar, Additional City Magistrate said that during Sultan's rule the downtrodden sections were uplifted and Tipu tried his best to restore the rights of dalits, women and the backward sections of Mysore. He further said that the no English soldier dared to go near his body until his death was confirmed.

Ayesha Samdani while presenting her paper said that no one can compete with the religious tolerance and patriotism of Tipu Sultan. He was really a secular, just, honest and a very brave ruler of India.


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