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'Abuses, protests against Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan validate their concerns'
Wednesday November 25, 2015 12:07 PM, News Network

New Delhi/Mumbai:
Even as #AamirKhan was the top trend on Twitter all through Tuesday, senior journalists and activists came out in support of the Bollywood superstar saying that the protests and abuses hurled - first at Shah Rukh Khan and now against Aamir Khan, only validate their concerns.
''Reacting on Aamir Khan's comments, and earlier on Shah Rukh Khan's concerns raised over rising intolerance in the country, some people are behaving as if the two are superstars out of someone's favour, and not because of talent and skill", Aleem Faizee, a senior journalist and Chairman of Noble Education & Welfare Society (NEWS), said.
He said the level of protests and abuses being hurled against the two stars, and the language used to criticise the two, especially by those who are in power, not only validate their concerns but are more worrisome.
"Like everyone else in the country, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan too have freedom to express themselves. But, look at the language used against them. They are being asked to leave the country, termed as traitors and anti-national, and are compared with terrorists", he added.
"It is true that labeling the entire country as 'intolerant' is unfair. Those protesting against intolerance are also certainly not of this view.
"But,it is also a fact that Modi's silence on the incidents which forced the writers, scholars, filmmakers and others to return their awards, and people like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan raise concerns, has given rise to the feelings that the preachers of hate have support of the establishment", Aleem Faizee said.
He said that this kind of atmosphere is not at all healthy for the country, and against the development agenda the Modi government is said to be pushing forward.
"Instead of abusing and bullying them, the concerns raised by eminent citizens should be read in this context", he said.

Others also raised concerns over the way the Hindutva lobby, and BJP leaders and MPs are protesting against Aamir Khan, saying they are only proving him right.

“Hey Sanghi Control Rooms: if you ask your trolls to viciously attack Aamir for complaining about intolerance, don't you just prove his point?“ Senior Journalist Vir Sanghvi tweeted,

Mumbai Muslim community leaders also said the protests endorsed the actor's view.

“By protesting against Aamir for his comment, Hindutva forces are showing their intolerance. Right to speech is a fundamental right of every citizen. Now they want to kill this very right. We have truly become an intolerant country and Aamir only articulated what a lot of other people are feeling,“ said Indian Union Muslim League city president Pervez Lakdawala.

Senior community leader Ghulam Peshimam said those who are attacking Aamir are showing the dangerous and destructive mindset gripping the country .

“Freedom of speech is the life blood of our democracy . The protests only aggravate the threat to that freedom of speech which the Constitution guarantees. This government seems to be thriving on bans...ban beef, ban people's right to speak their mind, ban everything that is against the government's line of thinking,“ he said.


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