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A teen’s earthly sort of forgetfulness
Saturday August 6, 2016 10:20 AM, Shakeel Ahmed,

Kanpur: Her anguished face was slouched as she stood there silently, arms loosely spread out and fists clenched, her face assuming a peculiarly purplish-blue hue. Why is Aintab looking considerably different? Her father murmured. Actually I forgot to take back my shoulder bag at school, she disclosed with eyes shut in sudden intellectual capacity. It might have been owing to your total distraction for not managing the first term accountancy paper in the examinations. If the exam paper goes wide of the mark it makes things so much worse, charged her father.

However, she kept on neglecting this particular cause behind leaving the bag at the school’s corridor. It was later learnt by her that she had succeeded in securing pass mark in that subject.

At her revelation of leaving school bag her father was totally confounded with this surprising assertion. Firstly, it not only amused him but annoyed also. He said, “I see no reason why she forgot otherwise the normal practice of coming with shoulder bag has never been missed. I agree on a calmer and more reasonable basis that this might have taken place owing to her habit of forgetfulness.

‘How right you are’, stated the girl’s father affixing that the need for analysis has now moved out. Time is no longer of exploring the real reason except that the longer I waste time on this peculiar situation the more detrimental it is going to be for me.

In the meantime, she got ready to accompany her father for the school and found school bag lying on the corridor’s ground. The school peon brought the bag to her. Moreover, she was also surprised to see her younger brother waiting for gate pass in the school’s entrance hall for leaving the school. When she approached her, the little boy told her of his bad health.

What actually happened was thus: As she came out of the class after the paper was over she got herself engaged in talk with her friend. In course of conversation she forgot to pick up her school bag while her friend was not so insensitive in picking up her bag. Despite observing her friend’s bag, she could not realise of her shoulder bag and rushed to the van hurriedly. On the way home she came to learn that she had forgotten her bag at the school.

In a fit of her absent-mindedness, she also forgot to take the mobile recharging amount from her mother. At the time of handing over the money, her mother instructed her to not to forget in any case But she forgot to take and thus repeated the same mistake. It was obviously limit of her scatty behaviour.

Eldest among her siblings her constant brawls with younger sister has made her a complete howler and assertive. This brings a lot of tension to her and she is inclining to forget what she should not. In the morning she carried her school bag with books and forgot to bring it back at time of leaving the school. After a brief and understandable silence she uttered: Mine is an earthly sort of absent-mindedness. However, experts maintain, “It is a mental condition in which the subject experiences low level of attention and frequent distraction. It seemingly consists of lapses of concentration. It is where a person shows inattention or forgetful behaviour.”

His father heaved himself standing and walked heavily down the road. He took the mobile and said to someone quietly: That was very clear instance of absent-mindedness by none other than a girl studying in a school in Jajmau area here.


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