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Lessons from Fairy Tales
Saturday February 6, 2016 4:05 PM, Adeena Syed,

Fairy Tales! Doesn't these two words remind you of something? Oh yes, some sweet memories from childhood. The memories where your parents or grandparents are telling you the story of brave prince, beautiful princess and a very wicked witch.

Do you remember your situation at that moment? You were, like, 'Oh, whats next?' And when the story ends with happy ending, didn't you really love that part?

But what were those stories for?

To entertain children? Or to put them in bed? We can say this, but beside this, didn't these fairytales teach us some lesson? Of course do, not only to children but to adults too. Lets have a visit to those childhood fairy tales once again and extrac the lesson for us.

The story of 'Cinderella and the Prince Charming'-- Cindrella was dancing with Prince but as the clock struck 12:00, she ran past the gate to reach her home, and as she ran, the glass slipper dropped itself on the stairs. Did Cindrella turn back to pick up her glass slipper? Oh no, she was in such a hurry that she left her beautiful slipper and whats next? Prince Charming finds her through that slipper.

So what is it? Don't turn back to the things which have dropped themself, may be in future, that thing is gonna be your way to the mountain's peak.

The lessons are so many, of love, courage, care. 'Beauty and the Beast' is one of those example. Do you remember how beautiful Beauy was and ugly the Beast. Did Beauty knew that the Beast is prince? Not only prince but a very handsome and kind prince? Of course she didn't! But still, she loved him because his heart was not was not like the ugly face, but more beautiful than anything. You don't have to judge people by their faces and beauty but by the heart because sometimes beauty comes in the veil of ugliness.

How wicked it was of the old woman who cruely said that the princess, in her fifteenth year, would prick herself with a spindle, in Sleeping Beauty. But soon after the wicked woman left another wise lady blessed the princess her security, didn't she? There is always and always a solution when there is a proble. May be the solution is not that near but patience and hard work builds the solution.

In everyone's life, there come the moments, when we are totally sorrounded by the problems and it seems that the life is gonna end in this darkness. But don't you remember the last lines of the fairy tales:
........and then they lived happily ever after.

No matter how big the problem is, its going to over and we will return in happiness, and if the problem is not yet over that this not the end. Be courageous, be bold and go on.

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