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Jawahar Yadav's JNU Tweet: Kind of genius we only 'Make in Modi's India'
Sunday February 14, 2016 0:14 AM, Aazeen Kirmani,

BJP politician and current Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar's former aide Jawahar Yadav made a controversial tweet in the backdrop of JNU row in which he called the female students of JNU worse than prostitutes.

Now what needs to be determined here is whether he had aimed to insult the students or the prostitutes or both.

Apparently, according to Yadav, prostitution is the worst trade but the students of JNU had indulged in act worst than prostitution.

Yadav's justification: The students of JNU had sold the country while prostitutes sell only their bodies.

The female students of JNU selling the country implies that they were paid by an enemy power to raise anti-national slogans (which is obviously wrong and if at all it was the JNU students who did that) and also to protest against the campus raid and arrests.

And Phantom Yadav turned out smarter and swifter than CBI and RAW added together and unearthed this sale purchase of the country all by himself while sitting behind a computer screen. Now that is the kind of genius we only 'Make in Modi's India'.

As for prostitution, Yadav has failed to realize that charging money for sexual service is not the worst way of making money. Worst than prostitution is charging money without any service at all which is the occupation of itchy palmed politicians and 'rishwat-khor thullas.'

We don't blame him at all for missing that. It's called selective amnesia. In certain cases, it's also called convenience amnesia.

Soon after Yadav posted the epic tweet came not the resounding cheers he must have been anticipating but flak in bulk and he was compelled to delete the tweet and extend an explanation.

The explanation as it turned out was worse than the original tweet. He clarified that he never intended to hurt anyone.

Sorry we didn't realize that you were singing a lullaby to the female students of JNU. In his explaination he went on to add verbosity to audacity and called prostitutes 'sisters and daughters'.

The women whose unfortunate occupation Jawahar Yadav had a few hours ago used to define lowliest form of morality in order to make a political point, one devoid of all logic are for now his 'sisters and daughters'.

So what exactly now you plan to do for your sisters and daughters having to sell their bodies due to strained circumstances? May one ask?

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