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When Rape becomes Nationalism
Saturday February 20, 2016 0:00 AM, Aazeen F. Kirmani,

When it comes to executing extra-judicial punishments, rape turns out to be the most time tested, cost effective and readily available method. Its impact is ever lasting not just on the direct victim but on all those placed in significant radius around her.

No wonder thus that this has been reportedly recommended by the nationalist and 'Hindutava' luminary V.D Savarkar. This is the same V.D Savarkar whom, our 'Selfie with Daughter' man Mr.Modi paid tribute on his 132nd birth anniversary and called him a brave man.

Understandably thousands of rapes took place during the communal violence of Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar.

Quiet recently anti-national (read anti-saffron ideology) female journalists at Patiala House were threatened with rape and 'rod', rod being the R&D of Nirbhaya rapists, a 'Made in India' innovation enthusiastically received in the concerned industry.

Then a female student of Jhadavpur University was threatened with rape, acid and burning on Facebook for her anti-RSS stand, and most recently sister of Umar Khalid the missing JNU student has been threatened with 'rape' and 'death' in the name of 'Bharatmata'.

Umar's sister is a citizen of this country and her brother's political inclination, whatever it maybe does not alter this fact. She is one of the daughters of India for the education and safety of whom Narender Modi has famously coined 'beti padhao, beti bachao'. Is that how Modi intends to save the daughters of India- by allowing an atmosphere conducive for open and unabashed threat and abuse.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda are international terrorists. What about the indigenous brand skillfully wrapped in guise of nationalism?

Those who recommend rape in the name Bharatmata, those who do the act in the name of Bharatmata, those who justify it, those who accord it approval by their silence and those who don't find in it enough reason to be outraged are ideologically no different from ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram and all those who do horrendous acts in the name of 'Islam'

Rape being disgusting in itself, what is more disgusting and shameful is its execution in the name of nationality. Even more shameful than that is the umbilical connection between the ruling government and the subscribers of the ideology that sanctions rape in the name of 'nationalism'.

And most shameful and unfortunate of all is the successful brainwashing and polarization of the masses who have blindly subscribed to saffron brand of nationalism blissfully ignorant of its toxic ingredients.

Are the supporters of saffron ideology really so naive. Do they actually think that the fire of hatred and extremism they are so ready to ignite in the name of nationalism will leave their own selves unscathed.

We call India our motherland, the Bharatmata. Can these self-proclaimed nationalists, the dutiful sons of our motherland bring forth one mother out of the millions of mothers of this country who would approve of rape and abuse as a method of protecting and serving her? Beyond an iota of doubt the answer is 'no'.

By what twist of logic do they believe then that this nation will forgive them rape and abuse of women in 'her' name?

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