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Parents irked over school vanwallah’s whims
Sunday July 3, 2016 10:44 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Saad, a student of class III of the convent school in cantonment area here requested his parents to send him to the school by van. Taking a quick decision, his parents contracted a van operator for this service. Getting this facility the little lad was quite pleased to experience new ride but a few days later the van driver stopped ferrying him to the school. Replying at this abrupt decision, the driver stated that it had to be taken owing to the request of your previous vehicle owner. Queer indeed was this pronouncement as it was completely one-sided conclusion. He added that we worked in unison and had to obey one another suggestions in this business. However, the parents feel that this tactics is applied merely to pressurise us.

This is not one instance of their whims. But several other parents have to face such graceless situation. The monopoly of the private vehicle owners makes them rather whimsical and they thrust their terms and conditions upon hapless parents for they find themselves in dire state due to private vehicle drivers’ odd behaviour. As their service does not come under purview of by the school administration they feel fully free in effecting their callous transportation service.

Being an unregulated transport service the vehicle owners try their best to make hay from the distressed parents. Because of various reasons they take recourse to these private vehicles solely on their choice. They call for the private vehicle owners to be a little bit lenient in order to retain their good-will.

The parents also complain of their exorbitant charges that is in their view more like taxis rates. They seldom take into consideration the distance of the residence from school or strength of the students in the vehicle. Not only has this but the private vehicle owners also charged fare of the whole of the academic year like the school fee. If any of the parents try to draw their attention towards these irregularities they begin to argue with their own illogical points.

What is worse is poor condition of these vehicles. If the transport department happens to check condition of the vehicles, it would surely disallow these vehicles to run on the road. A few of them do not have even essential fittings what to say of the colours which most often remain faded. Speed governors are also not found in order. Sometimes these vehicles do not move due to persisting mechanical snags and students have to bear the brunt.

In view of all these irregularities a large number of parents drop their children to school by their own vehicles but those who do not take up this onus have to face tough traumas. These private vehicles are of great help, tells quite a lot of parents insisting on initiation of some improvements in its operations.

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