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Free students from heavy school bags, urge guardians
Monday July 18, 2016 11:42 AM, Shakeel Ahmed,

Looking intently at an eight-year-old student’s face, the senior girl students said to his sister, “Your brother’s school bag is too heavy for him. He looks very slender while his grey-coloured shoulder bag is too fat.” Just the same condition of other primary section students can be observed at a School in Jajmau area here. Had there been light weight school bags, the primary students would not have faced any problem. Their bags do not adjust in the school vans properly, stress the parents.

Similar scenes at almost every school are seen every morning. The students carrying heavy school bags do not even hold their respective bags properly any how they try to manage but they are made to bring that much load of books & copies to the class.

Parents on their part concur on decrease in school bag’s weight but the school authorities appear to be turning a blind eye to this authentic problem. So long as any particular notification in this regard does not come by the competent authorities, the relief for the primary class students will remain a far dream.

According to the sources, the State government’s notification regarding the weight of the school bags indicates that the load should not be more than ten percent of the student’s body weight. But do we not find its adherence in practice?

Strangely enough their focus on the primary class students remains inadequate. According to the parents it is totally not satisfactory. Size of notebooks and weight of books are seldom lesser. No lockers, no book sharing, no avoidance of extra stationeries are practised in the schools. They are even noticed carrying water bottles which obviously increase weight of the school bags to a substantial level.

Had the school authorities been able to install a good number of water filtration systems there would be respite for students in avoiding water bottles. The water purifiers installed at the school campus do not function properly most of the time. The school authorities do not think seriously in the interests of the students.

Not all the English-medium schools make arrangements for installing lockers in the class therefore the students have to carry the books and copies to home and bring them back each day. On account of this reason they have to come across problems resulting in heavier school bags.

Talking to students at the school campus, it becomes apparent that there does not appear any upgrading in that direction on the part of the school authorities. Why do they not adhering to the norms specified by their respective boards? Students queried.

The school authorities remain fully aware with the circulars issued by the boards but the parents express displeasure at persisting situation. Castigating indifferent attitude of the schools authorities a group of parents maintain that they do not fathom logic of heavy school bags at a time when advanced method of learning is available at hand.

The parents enquire why their wards are asked to bring notebooks above pages. Is the load of the school bags not increasing by augmentation of pages? However, the experts agree upon saying that so long as the weight of school bag is not accurately defined, the school authorities will remain free from accountability and this vital lapse needs to be attended sooner by the authorities concerned.


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