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Mosque's Imam grappling with ceiling fan phobia
Tuesday June 21, 2016 9:08 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

The mosque Imam seems to have developed ceiling fan phobia which is common among the cats. That is why he feels uneasy and continue to look at the fans during the prayers. This fear also stimulates in him a kind of anger prompting to put off the ceiling fans . By this irrational act he has not only brought a vexatious difficulty but also disappointed the Namazis due to his anticiaption of self-indulgence in an unimportant matter. Thus, he is depriving them of full mechanical air in the prevailing humid conditions.

However, the patience of the namazis remains worth seeing as they do not open up their mouth in countering the Imam's action. They remain engrossed in completion of prayers with all the equanimity and perseverence. Obviously they remain deprived of the bliss of the cold and comfortable breeze because of the haughtier Imam who appears to maintain a distance from the Islamic point of Ekhlas . The Namazis stress they can only pray the Almighty for giving him a good sense.

Astonishingly he was not of such mind-set when the masjid was not equipped with as many eight air-conditioned sets.These have been set up recently by the richer caretaker of the mosque which holds the name after his mother.

Some say that Imam has been following this attitude to show his sincerity before the caretaker. He thinks his extra interest would reduce the hefty electricity bills but others add if the moneyed caretaker does not think in that direction it is futile on part of Imam to put a control on running of the ceiling fans. He also does not tolerate the regulator's ping produced at the time of starting the current into the fan.

Though the prayer hall at the ground floor of the two-storeyed well-equipped mosque in the Cantt area here has the air conditioning facility but the humidity level inside the room requires enough air possible only through ceiling fans.

As it has been proved that the cats have ceiling fan phobia and they continue to look on the ceiling fan even if it is off. Just the same habit is being shown by the Imam. Just as the prayer completes he tries to look at the speed of the fan.He keeps on noticing the run of the electric-driven ceiling fans and the moment anyone increases the speed by turning the round-shaped switch he explodes in loud voice and approaches to different switch-boards for minimising the moving fans's momentum.

It is a common belief that ceiling fans should not be used along with air onditioners. The reasoning given is that ceiling fans push the hot air down thus increasing the load on the air conditioners but what Imam forgets is that the ceiling fans can create a breeze that makes namazis in the room feel cooler and more comfortable. With a ceiling fan running the thermostat of the air-onditioner can be raised by 2 to 4 degrees with no reduction in comfort. Increasing the temperature on the air conditioner can reduce the elecctricity bills significantly .

Ceiling fans circulate the air inside the room instead of getting outside air inside the room or pushing internar air outside they blow air downwards and remove any hot air around the objects below it. A ceiling fan does not cool the air but just moves the air around you that helps evaporation from the skin and makes you feel cool. The power consumption decreases with use of ceiling fan provided the temperature of air-conditioner is increased in such a way that provides the right thermal comfort. Therefore there is no harm in keeping the ceiling fans fast if discomfort remains, think several experts.

Large-sized mosque does not have enough ventialtion outlets due to its design and space. This architectural lacunae goads the Nimazees to run the ceiling fans. The drawback is that the crabbed Imam does not grasp this operational point and he is following a very indifferent attitude.

It is to be mentioned here that prior to this year's Ramazan the ceiling fans and the exhaust fan used to run for comfortable feel and even Imam had not shown his fear psychosis . Since the ACs have been adorning the walls, the mood and behaviour of the Imam has changed thereby goading him to keep a strict vigil on ceiling fans' run.

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