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Miserly MLA’s seedy act drives wacky fury; woman's cheeky peep hangs on to hedonism
Monday September 5, 2016 10:40 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Sandeep Kumar

The Aam Aadmi Party MLA faces enquiry for his misconduct though his wife has said nothing divergent against her husband. A wife gives a clean chit to her husband but the law will take its own recourse in his case. He was suspended owing to his misdeed while his party has come under complete criticism. It is certainly an extraordinary fuss. Both the BJP and the Congress parties show its excitement like an epileptic fit. Those parties appear least confused with its fury of one idea or one line of ideas.

The AAP leader has crossed limits to an excessive extent. He is neither eccentric nor deficient nor contracted. He does not talk wildly like a monomaniac. He possesses particular spot of sensibility or a spot of insensibility; he is merely a normal man minus a normal self-command. The miserly MLA’s indecent interest into a seedy act brought public shaming and his proportion of interests in this matter looked similar to that of an ordinary man.

It indicates that he proceeded either like a dull man who likes ordinary things mildly or an extraordinary man who likes extraordinary things wildly. More than this when in another instance a woman’s inquisitiveness for a woman’s body was quite perplexing. She took a deep interest in the round-shaped breasts, apple-shaped buttock and flat belly which was assumed to be a rarity in itself. Experts pointed out that “most women are naturally bi-curious and it becomes more pronounced the older they get.” This supposition suits the mood of a forty-five-year-old woman enjoying fleeting looks at a woman’s ample assets from her windows.

Further, experts put forth, “Straight women often feel more than a friendly affection for other women.” This factor goaded the woman to peep continuously another woman’s perky posterior in a barely-there lingerie as that woman in sight felt nothing odd in flaunting her sizzling physique.

Standing at her floor’s entrance door that middle-aged woman told her neighbour about this attention-grabbing matter. She said what was noticed by her from the kitchen window was really interesting. Subsequently, she concealed that she had noticed a young medium-sized woman in almost naked posture while cleaning her balcony on an anterior building. Her attention stacked over her body till she did not disappear from the spot. She wearing an air of hushed anticipation expected the next essential sight to happen along any second now, that for a second seemed likely as not and by chance, she watched her once again thereby returning her full concentration upon her.

Each gaze appeared luscious and outsized than the first gaze to her. Nevertheless, that seemingly careless woman came into view inappropriately dressed on the balcony, the lady beholder endeavoured to savour it. But a lady goes curiously for a lady wearing half pants or lingerie and a half-buttoned blouse is somewhat not like that scene depicting a woman’s endurance by the police officer’s wandering hands on her body in a Hollywood film “Crash”. It certainly lets her feel moral pain but this particular balcony gazer feels no remorse for her wandering eyes.

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