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John Kerry derides at our water-logging dilemma
Thursday September 1, 2016 3:49 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

John Kerry

How much effective our drainage system is! This is clear from the views of the American secretary of foreign affairs John Kerry. It is not only Delhi but almost every big city of the country faces just the same problem. Water logging problem has turned out to be a debatable topic. The paucity of a solid management plan to deal with such sudden situation brings the trouble and a foreign minister has to deride in his own particular style. Nonetheless, we experienced a heavy rain in the Cantonment areas but there was no respite from the unbearable weather conditions.

Spirited bikers’ nonstop movement into water-logged roads continues unabated. They even do not of the splash falling over the pedestrians. Upon the suggestion of slow run, they give a curt reply annoying the people. But why do they not change their habit? If they flout the rules of Motor Vehicle Act by their special ‘stunt’ demonstration on the roads, they also force the pedestrians to curse them for the exercise of entering into the water-logged roads. Leave aside the chances of accidents, the big splash even goes into the roadside shops.

That’s why the loader drivers never approved their stunts and splash display on roads. These are certainly not instances of driving dexterity.

Whatever may be the reason for entering into a pool of rainwater? This could surely not be an ideal method in view of the risk involved in this action. If it was an instant way to cleanse the motorcycle’s dirty wheels, embracing this course could never be a safer mode, experts insisted affixing that their enjoyments and choice of cleaning their mud-coated wheels by wading through accumulated rain water are quite troublesome to the road users.

Reacting further on bikers’ tendency towards enjoying into rainwater, the auto experts abruptly stated, “The biker aimed to ride through the accumulated incessant rain water in order to clean soiled wheels but at the same time they have forgotten to think of skidding risk into such stroke.” This type of negligence needs to be avoided by the bikers. They begin to run their two-wheelers in a very modish way out of joy.

Their point was correct to a generously proportionate level but it is more often not followed by the over enthusiastic youths running with high-speed bikes.

There was nothing wrong with driving at a limited speed. We remained quite concerned about everyday road mishaps due to such rash driving. It is a general feature on the road when the bikers or others with an air of perfect driving ability feel as roadmaster and proves their competence in this wrong style. Inadvertently, they attempt to show as if their driving stunt is more wonderful than several other riders.

Bikers’ penchant for running into the water gives them a lot of problems like mud, dust and black gunk. That grime concoction enters into every moving parts and frame cavity of the bikes. Exposures to dirty water tarnish the bearings and potentially seize the wires or cups which are pressed into the motorcycle’s frames.

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