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So pathetic has become the medical profession!
Sunday September 11, 2016 8:07 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,


There is so much paradox in the medical profession while the reason behind this intricate way seems quite incomprehensible to the common run. The situation has reached to such a situation as nothing appears worse before the mentality of the doctors and the staff in the hospitals. It is apparent because everything appears entangled into some complicated disposition. We continually find this irony of a perturbed impatience.

A renowned literary personality Dr Johnson takes too sad a view of humanity while another philosopher Rousseau takes too rosy a view of humanity. Notwithstanding, a news report regarding the Delhi doctor’s rape with a lady patient proves a rough and rowdy humanitarianism. And almost without exclusion of other related professions, the medical line of dealing has gone to a low. That doctor made every doctor feel small by his misdemeanour. Such kind of doctor does exist with impassive urbanity in today’s times and certainly the staffs are not lagging behind in tormenting the patients to an astonishing level. What more could be more the height of medical apathy than these reliably vivid reports?

First, a 14-year-old pregnant rape victim of Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh was made to wait for three hours at a stretch at the Maharana Pratap Common government hospital for no appropriate reasons. The Chief Medical Officer was quoted as saying of his commitment in sorting out Tehsil Diwas programme so her case could not be taken up. While victim’s father humbly complained that the CMO did not ask the doctors to even start the tests in order to complete procedures.

Secondly, an unidentified patient admitted by Kakadev Police in the Hallett Hospital Ward no 5 of the Surgery Department was found to be missing. An absconder report was prepared herewith. Later on, he was seen without clothes crying with severe pain on the hospital’s campus. It was the junior doctors’ drive how badly they behave with the patients.

Thirdly, nothing could be more incongruous & more absurd than an impolite aggressive tone of a staff at a Charitable Hospital here. Distributing the token number to the patients she leaves no chance of admonishing them. An old lady said that middle-aged bespectacled computer clerk did not grasp the style of her verbal harshness.

Sitting austerely and starkly on a comfy chair in the centre of the corner glass cabin of this Welfare Trust Hospital in Jajmau area here rarely keeps her mouth shut.

As one computerised counter meant for an issuance of the yellow-coloured square number ticket for both the male and the female patients has been arranged, it becomes a little more time-consuming procedure.

A resident living in vicinity approached the hospital for a token in the morning with the intention of securing one-digit number before 10 am. He got the token following fee payment and was also apprised of the dentist’s arrival time at 10.30 am. To her utter dismay, the dentist arrived at 11 am as this timing was also mentioned at the dentist’s cabin door.

Annoyed with wrong information she fumed at the ticket issuing assistant. Her attitude slowly and carefully creates the real psychology of words.

Actually, the hospital’s display board just at entrance gate informs the time and name of the previous dentist. The latest entry is not done.

A lady dentist now examines the patients suffering from the dental problems. However, the real motive of therapeutic functioning appears to be subdued in such circumstances.

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