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Jignesh Mevani's rally kicks off sans police permit; being targeted, he says

Tuesday January 9, 2018 3:28 PM, & Agencies

Yuva Rally
[Dubbed as 'Yuva Hunkar Rally', Mevani's march was flagged off at 10 am from Ambedkar Park Rani Garden. (Image: Twitter/@Shehla_Rashid)]

New Delhi: Gujarat MLA and emerging Dalit youth icon Jignesh Mevani on Tuesday began his scheduled march in New Delhi despite police denying him a permission.

"We were just going to demonstrate democratically and peacefully, the government is targeting us, an elected representative is not being allowed to speak," Mevani said while talking to reporters.

Dubbed as 'Yuva Hunkar Rally', Mevani's march was flagged off at 10 am from Ambedkar Park Rani Garden.

"Rather than asking us why we are going ahead with the rally "despite not having permission", media should ask the Delhi Police why they kept lying about cancellation of permission", youth leader Shehla Rashid said in a tweet while thanking the large number of youths who gathered for the rally.

Jignesh Mevani while disclosing details of today's protest rally had on Friday said the Prime Minister must chose between Manusmriti and India's Constitution.

"I will lead a youth rally on January 9 in New Delhi which will be attended by youth leaders from all across the country.

"At around 04:30 on the same day, we will visit the PM office carrying the Manusmriti in one hand and the Constitution of India in the other.

"We will ask the prime minister to chose one," the Dalit icon who won the recently held state election in Gujarat said while addressing a press conference in New Delhi.

Manusmriti, translated as "The Laws of Manu" or "The Institutions of Manu," is the authoritative Hindu Law Book, Dharmashastra. It serves as a foundational work on Hindu law and jurisprudence in ancient India.

"The Prime Minister is a self-proclaimed Ambedkarite. Why is he silent when Dalits are attacked? Why are they being attacked like in Pune? Why are Dalits not secure in India?

"We want to know if he has any commitment to the annihilation of caste, which was Dr Ambedkar's ultimate goal", Mevani said.

Mevani also refuted the allegation that he made a provocative speech which led to clashes in Bhima Koregaon near Pune in Maharashtra.

"Not one word I spoke is inflammatory. I am a trained lawyer and respect the law. Moreiver, I am a lawmaker now," Mevani said.

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