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Fresh demand for probe into Justice Loya's death

Tuesday January 16, 2018 0:32 AM, & Agencies

Justice Loya's Death
[On November 22, the Caravan magazine’s political editor Hartosh Singh Bal, Professor Apoorvanand from Delhi University, advocate Manisha Sethi, and social activists Syeda Hameed and Shabnam Hashmi held a press conference in Delhi to demand a high-level judicial inquiry into Loya’s death. (File)]

New Delhi: A day afer Justice B G Loya's son Anuj said that the family did not suspect any foul play in the death, the controversy refuses to die down.

In a media interaction in Delhi organized by the All India People’s Forum, Niranjan Takle, the journalist who broke the inside story of the family's suspicion, asked, "How come in a matter of just a few days, the family members who were till now unconvinced by the official accounts of Judge Loya 's death have been suddenly convinced and by whom?"

"The dramatic press conference in Mumbai addressed by Justice Loya's son Anuj actually raised more questions than answers", he said.

"When I met Anuj, he didn't speak at all. On asking why he isn't speaking, his grandfather said he doesn't have faith in anyone. Not in the system, not on law and order.

"I wrote truth so that Anuj's generation do not live in this hopelessness", he said.

Explaining the various discrepancies and inexplicable facts that are present in the official reports related to the death of Judge Loya, Niranjan Takle said that he was not afraid to talk about the story he broke. He insisted that the media must keep pressing for the truth.

"To tell the truth and shame the devil is the job of a journalist", said Niranjan Takle.

He expressed surprise why people are doubting his integrity now as he has done stories against Congress and exposed their corruption too.

Uday Gaware, former president Latur Bar association and a batchmate of Judge Loya said since the day his body was brought to Latur for cremation, people in village and family members were raising doubts over the claim of natural death.

"When there are doubts, what is the problem in having an investigation?" he asked.

Gaware also demanded a probe into the property acquired by MB Gosavi, the CBI Court judge who acquitted Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case.

Endorsing the demand, retired Bombay High Court judge BG Kolse Patil said that he had met judge Loya’s predecessor, Judge Utpat, in Pune. But the judge was so scared that he did not want to talk about the circumstances of his transfer from Mumbai despite the Supreme Court’s express instruction that he should hear the fake encounter case from the beginning to end.

Asking for a transparent enquiry to prove this story is false, Justice Kolse Patil asked, "If it's true then any judge will face the choice - should I take 100 cr or die?"

Hartosh Bal, Political Editor of The Caravan said that more than anybody, it is in the interest of BJP President Amit Shah to have an impartial probe in Judge Loya's death.

"Amit Shah must come forward and tell the Supreme Court to do an impartial probe where justice will be seen as done in the case of the suspicious death of Judge Loya", he said.

In his interaction with the gathering, Gautam Modi of AIPF said that since Judge Gosavi had taken just three working days to hear the case, go through the chargesheet that extended to 10,000 pages and heard the CBI for all of 15 minutes before discharging the petition, there were bonafide reasons for an inquiry.

Senior advocate and former Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising while demanding "independent and impartial" probe into the mysterious death of Justice Loya asked why the Chief Justice of India did not initiate a suo moto inquiry into the issue.

"When judge Loya died, the Chief Justice of India should have initiated suo moto inquiry. Why was it not done?", she asked.

"The burden of proof in the case of a crime was not on the family but on the state and the Supreme Court to allay all doubts. Having assisted the CBI in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh case as counsel, I was privy to the evidence collected against the accused and as long as I was the CBI counsel, even the Gujarat High Court had refused bail to the accused", she said.

"The moot question in the Loya case is whether the government is interfering in the judiciary. The real players are neither the Chief Justice of India nor the four judges of the high court—they are hidden puppeteers who need to be exposed", she said.

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