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Araria Muslims arrested for pro-Pakistan slogan, but analysis doubts veracity of video

Friday March 16, 2018 8:11 PM, News Network

Araria Muslims
[AltNews created various collages to see the lip positions of the subjects in the video.]

Patna: Bihar police on Friday arrested two Muslims from Araria after a purported video showing them raising pro-Pakistan slogans went viral on social media sites.

The arrest of the Muslim men, who were celebrating the victory of RJD candidate Sarfaraz Alam in the Araria Lok Sabha by-election, was made after protest broke out in the city demanding action against the three men who were seen in the purported video.

However, the analysis of the video based on which Bihar police arrested Sultan Aazmi and Shehjad showed that it didn’t seem to have lip sync. To ascertain whether the audio and video are in sync, Altnews examined individual frames from the video against the audio waveform.

"Even a casual look a the video will make it apparent that there are serious issues with lip sync in the video. We analysed the three videos using an audio editing software called Audacity. What is observed consistently across all the three videos is that in two spots in the video, the volume or the audio level is ZERO", AltNews reported supporting its claim with graphics, audio waveforms and images.

"The same lack of volume can be seen when the audio is analysed using Spek which is an acoustic spectrum analyzer software. The image generated by Spek can be seen below. The two distinct spots with zero audio level is even more apparently in the waveform generated by Spek", the portal, which had earlier unearthed many fake news and videos, claimed.

"As we mentioned earlier, the very first observation about the video was that it didn’t seem to have lip sync. To ascertain whether the audio and video are in sync, we examined individual frames from the video against the audio waveform.

"The above observations necessitate that the video be examined by a certified forensic laboratory for its authenticity. With so many easy-to-use software tools available which allows one to dub an audio over an existing video, news channels or journalists shouldn’t be propagating such videos without doing an independent analysis of their own", AltNews said.

"Videos like the one above can cause friction between communities of an area and can be used as part of a political agenda. It is therefore of utmost importance that when these videos become viral, extra care must be taken before mainstream media further popularises such videos", it said.

Interestingly, soon after the BJP candidate was defeated in Araria, Union Minister Giriraj Singh tried to give it a communal colour by saying that Sarfaraz Alam's victory will make Araria a terrorism hub. “The RJD has started a new political culture for its political ambitions. They have spawned an extremist ideology which is a danger not only to Bihar but also to the country in the coming days. It will become a hub of terrorism,” he said.

Hitting back at Giriraj Singh, former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi said the BJP headquarter is actually a hub of terrorists. “Giriraj Singh has lost his mind after suffering the resounding defeat. Their slogan- Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi has been blown away. They have lost both in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. They have lost both the seats in Uttar Pradesh. People of Araria have taught BJP a lesson and they must rectify their strategy. He should take back his comment and apologise to the people of Araria, else they will never forgive BJP,” Rabri Devi said.

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