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‘President Kovind, PM Modi need to learn more about Islam’

A student of Islamic Studies says while talking to on the sidelines of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s “Silent March of Muslim Women” called in Malegaon to protest Triple Talaq Bill

Friday February 16, 2018 10:54 PM, Aleem Faizee,

Protest against triple talaq bill
[Kusloom, who said she was personally against the use of instant Triple Talaq, also denounced Prime Minister Modi for his repeated and intimidating use of the Triple Talaq issue to target the Muslim community]

Malegaon: Pointing out that President Ram Nath Kovind’s opinion about Muslim women made during his address to the joint session of the Parliament and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s repeated use of Triple Talaq issue to intimidate Muslims, are result of lack of knowledge, a student of Islamic Studies urged them to learn more about Islam.

“Ram Nath Kovind and Narendra Modi are the President and Prime Minister of India. Whatever may be their personal belief, ideology or preferences, they are expected to keep in mind the stature of their designations while speaking on any topic, especially regarding religion”, Kulsoom Shahid Faizee, Post-Graduate in Chemistry, who is currently pursuing Islamic Studies, said.

“President Kovind has only harmed his position by his off-the-mark, far from truth and deplorable comments about Muslim women. Anyone with slightest knowledge of Islam will not make such a comment”, she added.

Kulsoom was referring to President Kovind’s address to the Joint Session of the Parliament wherein he had said, “For decades, the dignity of Muslim women has remained captive to political cost-benefit. Now the Nation has an opportunity to emancipate them from this situation. My Government has tabled a Bill on Triple Talaq in Parliament.

“I hope that the Parliament will soon pass it into a law. The law on Triple Talaq, once enacted, will also enable Muslim sisters and daughters to live a life of self-respect with courage”, Kovind had said.

Kusloom, who said she was personally against the use of instant Triple Talaq, also denounced Prime Minister Modi for his repeated and intimidating use of the Triple Talaq issue to target the Muslim community.

“Intimidation in no way suits someone who is prime minister of a country. The way Prime Minister Modi is repeatedly using the Triple Talaq issue, especially when there are far more important and serious issues crying for his attention, will not do any good to the country which he wants to convert into a Super Power”, she said.

“I solemnly request President Kovind and Prime Minister Modi to learn more about Islam”, she said.

Kusloom Shahid Faizee was talking to on the sidelines of the Muslim Women’s Silent March called in Malegaon on Thursday to protest the Triple Talaq Bill.

Echoing similar concerns, Tahoora Firdaus, a student while reminding the people who are using instant Triple Talaq issue to criticize Islam said contrary to the propaganda, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the first who talked about gender equality and rights of women.

“When Prophet Muhammad was born in Makkah in 7th century, women in Arabia hardly had any rights. They were literally treated like commodities.

“Even the right of life was in question, as it was not uncommon for small girls to be buried alive during times of scarcity”, Tahoora, who studies Computer Science at a local college, said.

“It was during this challenging times, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for the first time talked about women’s rights, and said that men and women are equal before God”, she added.

“In fact when the Prophet (peace be upon him) first said that Islam grants women divinely sanctioned inheritance, property, social and marriage rights, including the right to reject the terms of a proposal and to initiate divorce, he was mocked by pagans of Makkah”, she added.

Addressing the protesting women at the end of their silent rally, Umrain Mahfooz Rahmani, Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) trained his guns against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the proposed law if passed in its present form would prove the final nail in his government.

“A surprising trend has emerged in today’s India. A Muslim man will be sent to jail if he divorces his wife. But, you become prime minister if you abandon wife”, Mohammed Umrain Mahfooz Rahmani, Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), said.

The women marchers were silent as they walked the 3-km stretch despite scorching heat. However, they burst into, a loud but unexpected applause, as Umrain Mahfooz Rahmani targeted Prime Minister Modi, indirectly referring his wife Jashodaben, who has been left alone since marriage.

“There are about 23 lakh women who have been abandoned by their husbands. If any section of women is in the need of urgent attention of your government, it is this poor and helpless lot”, he added.

Umrain Mahfooz Rahmani also said that the proposed law in its present form is not only against the Muslim community but also against many existing laws.

“You are mischievously trying to convert a civil issue into a criminal act. This is an issue, if at all serious, is of the Muslim community. Let the community resolve it”, he said.

The Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill – famous as the Triple Talaq Bill, has been passed in the Lok Sabha – the lower house of the India Parliament. The bill however is stalled in the Rajya Sabha where opposition members are in a majority and they are also opposing the bill in its present form.

Interestingly the bill which criminalizes instant triple talaq with a 03-year jail term, is also being opposed by the BJP allied like TDP, BJD and AIADMK among others, and also by the women activists who were at the forefront in demanding a law to curb the practice of triple talaq.

The Modi government however is adamant on passing the bill without any amendment. Speculations are rife that the government is even ready to call a joint session of the parliament to make the proposed bill a law.

“By showcasing few 100 women the Modi government is misleading the country and the world. The lakhs of women here are saying in one voice that they are happy and totally satisfied with the Islamic Shariah and any change by the government will not be acceptable to them”, Umrain Rahmani said.

The Muslim Personal Law Board’s silent march was supported by all religious groups including the Jamiate Ulema, All India Sunni Jamiate Ulema, Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat, Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat and others.

Leaders of all political parties including local MLA Shaikh Asif, Mayor Shaikh Rasheed, former MLA Mufti Muhammad Ismail, Janata Dal (S) leader Buland Iqbal were all present to lend their support for the Muslim women’s march. Janata Dal (S) leader Shane Hind was present with a number her women volunteers.

In a show of communal harmony, those leading the marc were greeted by some Hindus when the march reached Mosam Pul. The protest rally ended at Malegaon Additional Collector Office.


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