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Clinical trial reveals best alternative treatment of Acne

Acne Vulgaris is one of the commonest skin condition which affects 90% of population sometimes in life

Tuesday February 12, 2019 0:09 AM, Hakim Mohammed Sheeraz, Mir Idris for ummid.com

Acne Treatment

Srinagar: Acne is chronic inflammation of Pilo-sebaceous follicles characterized by areas of black heads, white heads, pimples, greasy skin and possibly scarring. In Unani System of Medicine Acne Vulgaris is termed As BASOOR-E-LABANIYA/ MUHASSA/ KEEL.

Acne Vulgaris is one of the commonest skin condition which affects 90% of population sometimes in life. It is commonly seen in adolescents or teenagers. An estimated 80-90% of teenagers (8/10) suffer from Acne. During puberty in both sexes, Acne appears as a result of an increase in androgens such as Testosterone. It develops earlier in females than in males.

As per Unani system of Medicine the cause of Acne is Suppurative material (MADDA SADEEDIYA) which comes to skin surface due to vapours of the body (BUKHARAT-E-BADAN) and this Material doesn’t get resolved in the skin due to its viscosity which in turn leads to Acne.

According to some Unani physicians the main cause of Acne (BASOOR-E-LABANIYA) is the hyperactivity of oily material, this oily material gets clogged into the openings of these glands, these glands are then inflamed, get suppurated and filled with pus.

There are many other causes of Acne such as use of spicy diet, use of alcohol, impurities of blood, indigestion, constipation, menstrual disturbances etc.

Individuals who suffer from Acne often feel ashamed of the lesions and compensate in various ways. They may hide themselves by refusing to go out with others.

Patients of Acne suffer reduced academic achievements and employment opportunities, because Acne affect body image. people with Acne and Acne scarrings are at risk of depression, low self-esteem and even suicide. Therefore Acne needs proper counselling, treatment and care.

In Allopathic system of medicine many drugs are available, but no drug is sufficiently effective. The Allopathic drugs such as Benzoylperoxide, Topical Retinoids, Steroids etc lead to various side effects such as peeling, excessive dry skin, burning, redness and even at times leads to severe hypersensitivity reactions which in turn may lead to disfigurement of face.

So there is a need of alternative treatment for Acne which can cure the condition and its consequences without side effects. In this regard a study was done on a female patient with severe form of Acne at Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Kashmir University, Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir. The duration of study was fifteen days.

The formulation compromised of Shoniz [Nigila sativa], Darchini [Cinnamonium Zeylanicum], and Sirka [Vinegar].

Shoniz, darchini in equal weights were powdered separatively. At the time of use, this powder was mixed with sirka in adequate quantity to form a paste. The paste was applied on face from hairline to mandible line, from one ear to another, was left on the face overnight and washed with luke warm water in the morning.

Local application of the drug was advised for fifteen days daily at night. Patient was directed to avoid application of paste on eyes, ears, nostrils and was also advised to avoid application of any other product on face during study protocol.

The response of the drug was significant by using cooks grading scale for Acne Vulgaris. There was also relief in subjective parameters. Subject reported a reduction of 30%, 40%, 50% in tenderness, itching and irritation respectively.

The present study revealed that the test drug formulation is safe and effective in treating Acne Vulgaris. No side effects of the drugs were reported, therefore the trail formulation may be recommended to manage Basoor-e-labaniyah [ACNE] of mild to severe degree.

[Hakim Mohammed Sheeraz is Scientist and Lecturer, and Mir Idris is PG Scholar at Department of Moalajat, Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Kashmir University, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.]

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