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How BUMS Doctors Created Wall Against Coronavirus in Malegaon

Doctors running hospital in Malegaon Outer had already refused their medical facilities to the residents of Malegaon Central area

Thursday May 28, 2020 11:25 PM, Team ummid.com

Malegaon BUMS Doctors

[Female doctors of Mohammadia Tibbia College Mansoora on duty at Faran Hospital. (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Malegaon: This was in 1987 when the first batch of doctors had graduated from Mohammadia Tibbia College Mansoora. It was the time when medical practice for someone holding a BUMS degree was a daunting task. Under such a situation these freshers opened their clinics, only to be mocked, scorned, made fun of for what many believed holding an “inferior degree”.

Thirty three years later the same BUMS degree holders dot almost every street of Malegaon and are amongst the frontline Corona Warriors to hold the ground after the deadly virus outbreak in the city on April 8, 2020.

The aftermath

Following the Covid outbreak, four densely populated areas of the city were sealed. Close relatives and those who came in contact with the Covid positive patients were quarantined. Daily updates regarding the corona situation in Malegaon started trickling in.

But, it was the pathetic condition at the quarantine centres and the ill-treatment of those falling ill by coronavirus were the bigger worry for the local residents, besides the alarming pace with which the number of corona patients was increasing. They were rightly in panic, and so were the doctors and medical practitioners.

Dr Ammar

[Dr Ammar Shafeequ Ansari runs clinic at Sirat Chowk in Khushamadpura area of Malegaon. (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Coronavirus scare

Doctors running hospital in Malegaon Outer had already refused their medical facilities to the residents of Malegaon Central area. Now, the panic-stricken doctors in this area of the city too backed out for the fear of being quarantined.

The Corona scare however couldn’t dampen the spirit of the local medical practitioners, a good number of them BUMS degree holders, who remained committed to their profession and decided to continue treating patients.

“The way Corona scare ruled the city in its initial days of outbreak was freighting for everyone. We too were worried. Dr Mushtaque and Dr Mehrunnisa had in fact died in the line of duty. A number others including Dr Sufiyan, Dr. Shadab, Dr Rafeeque Ansari, Dr Abdullah (Former Principal Mohammadia Tibbia College) and Dr Shehbaz, contracted the deadly virus while on duty. But we still decided to carry on the practice as any discontinuation would have been deadly for the city and against the ethics”, Dr Awwal Faizee told ummid.com.

Unwell but not dispirited

Dr Awwal Faizee himself had fallen ill. He was feeling weak, and had fever and cough. Doctors advised him complete bed rest and asked him to abstain from Ramadan fast. His clinic however remained open, though his assistant managed the affairs for few days.

Dr Awwal Faizee

[Dr Abdul Awwal Faizee runs his clinic in Bajrang Wadi area of Malegaon (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Team ummid.com while tracing these Coronavirus Warriors also came across Dr Ammar Ansari. Dr Ammar’s father Dr Shafeeque Ansari, a renowned medical practitioner himself, was in quarantine after developing symptoms of the novel virus. The father and son duo, practicing alternative medicines like Unani doctors, have separate clinics.

With Dr Shafeeque in quarantine, the whole lot of his patients switched over to Dr Ammar’s clinic in Sirat Chowk area of the city. Team ummid.com saw a long queue of patients standing outside his clinic – of course maintaining all social distancing norms, till 01:30 am.

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“It’s tiring no doubt. But, we don’t have any other option. The father and son have a very good hand”, a woman who was waiting for her turn told ummid.com.

Sheer hard work and determination

Working for years with sheer hard work and determination these young BUMS doctors with small clinics had the reputation of being the first to be approached in case of any serious or mild medical emergency even though the City now has quite a few specialists.

Walking down the streets in the densely populated Khanqah Ashrafiya Chowk, Bajrang Wadi, Azad Nagar, Shabbeer Nagar, Jamhoor Nagar you can easily notice the clinics of Dr Irshad, Dr Zaheer Iqbal, Dr. Rafeeque Ansari, Dr. Ammar and others open all the time for the people feeling unwell.

Dr Rafeeque Ansari

[Dr Rafeeque Ansari runs clinic at Gulsher Nagar Main Road (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Moving further down to 60 Feet Road, Raunakabad and Salamatabad Dr. Altaf, Dr Naeem Qureshi and others are there to provide medical aid. In Golden Nagar, Jaffar Nagar and Abdullah Nagar areas Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Gulfisha Ansari and others run their clinics.

“Among these Corona Warriors, Dr Ahmed is singled out. He contracted Covid-19 while on duty and was brought to Faran Hospital in a very critical condition. He survived, and started practice with the same vigour, commitment and determination as before”, Dr Pervez Faizee, Medical Officer of Health (MoH) Corona Hospitals, said.

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Then there is MHB Colony alias Hazar Kholi, Naya Islampura, Salam Chacha Road extending to Shaheed Abdul Hameed Road alias Kusumba Road where once Dr Mushtaq Ansari and Dr Mehrunnisa practiced. Both of them have succumbed to COVID-19.

Others who held ground in this area during Covid pandemic are Dr Zeeshan, Dr Raees (popularly known as Chota Raees), Dr Azam, Dr Usman, to mention just few. “Dr Zeeshan’s clinic fell short to handle the huge rush of patients. Noticing this, the in-charge of the area club provided him premises. The club owners also installed tent to accommodate the huge rush of patients”, Dr Yusuf Ansari, Professor of Mohammadia Tibbia College (now retired), said.

Dr Waseem

[Dr Waseem runs clinic in Gulshan-e-Masoom area of Malegaon (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Not to forget the services of Dr Nasreen Naved Mirza practicing in Qilla area of Malegaon and Dr Affan Yusuf Ansari who with his friends Dr Ismael, Dr Arshad and others runs As Shifa Hospital. Dr Affan’s father Dr Yusuf Ansari is BUMS from Mumbai Tibbia College. He was in quarantine. But Dr Affan and his friends were always available for the patients – as late as 03:00, sometimes even at 04:00, in the morning.

BUMS Doctors in High Risk Zones

Besides the medical practitioners who rendered their services at their clinics, a number of BUMS doctors meticulously worked at temporary Corona Care Hospitals and Quarantine centres – the high risk zones.

Dr Zaheer Iqbal

[Dr Zaheer Iqbal at Arab Chowk in Nayapura area of Malegaon (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Some of them are Dr Sajid Firdausi, Dr Lateef Deshmukh, Dr Neshat, Dr Anees, Dr Moheeb, Dr Aasiya, Dr Arshad, Dr Suhail, Dr Farhat and a host of others.

“These Corona Warriors have left unforgettable mark in the fight against COVID-19. Dr Farhat has in fact contracted the disease while on duty and she is under treatment and recovering”, Dr Pervez Faizee said.

The BUMS doctors who failed

While a good number of BUMS doctors and some others practicing alternative medicines built a wall against the Coronavirus epidemic in Malegaon, there were some who let the Covid fear overcome their professional duty. Team ummid.com spoke to them. They had different reasons to explain their inability to rise to the occasion.

“The Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) wanted us to join the fight against Coronavirus. However, it failed to provide us the necessary PPE kits and supports needed while working on the field”, a doctor associated with the local organisation of BUMS doctors told ummid.com.

Dr Irshad

[Dr Irshad Ansari runs his clinic in Khanqah Ashrafiya Chowk of Malegaon (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) has some 25-30 BUMS doctors already working under its health department. Failing to manage the shortage of medical staff it asked local BUMS doctors to join. However, the invitation received a lukewarm response.

Incidentally, Samara’s Education and Welfare Association (SEWA), a local registered NGO, arranged free PPE kits for doctors. But, the doctors were reluctant even then, admittedly out of the fear of being quarantined.

“I have small kids and only one in my family to look after them. They will suffer in the month of Ramadan if I am quarantined”, a doctor said.

The most satisfying man

The most satisfying man in the present situation must be Arshad Mukhtar, the President of Mohammadia Tibbia College and Assayer Hospital, and son of its founder Late Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi.

In fact, Arshad Mukhtar was the first to donate thousands of sanitizer bottles in Malegaon, and also offered free of cost and fi sabilillah, four buildings of his educational campus, including the very classrooms and hospital where the local BUMS doctors once studied and practiced, to be used as quarantine centres.

"Its really heartening to see our graduate doctors risking their life to provide relief to the ailing patients in this testing time. But, as it is said, there is always a scope for further improvement, we will soon invite these corona warriors and discuss the ways to become more useful for the society", Arshad Mukhtar told ummid.com.

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