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India's spate with civilizations

Why is this automated tinpot PM so bigoted that he has enslaved the whole country to a hate ideology?

Monday October 26, 2020 11:26 AM, Mustafa Khan, ummid.com

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It was in 1998 that the then President Khatami of Iran proposed ‘a dialogue among civilizations’. He was speaking at the United Nations. Two years later at the same forum, he elaborated that the proposed dialogue should be based on cultural and religious matter. At times such matters have played havoc within the civil society during which many like Irshad Manji talked of restoring humanity and reason to Islam.

The desire of many, including believers, is heart to heart even when you do not see eye to eye is necessary. There is no need to use the sword to perpetuate violence and not live under the shadow of sword. If at all, and at the most, we can use the thin blade the surgeon uses a healing operation on a festering wound. And that of course is a metaphor for revealing the truth with the aim of reconciling people of different faiths. It is a revelatory process, be it journalism or dialogue, aiming at the maxim to know is to forgive.

MJ Akbar uses the image of scalpel in his mission statement issued from Manipal Bangalore in April 2008. “Democracy demands media that reveals the covert, to sift the covert to peel off propaganda. Some in their mistaken belief have relied on the sword for too long to realize that the pen (now the bytes) can be more effective on focusing on truth."

Akbar figures here because Samuel Huntington quotes him in his book “Clash of Civilizations”.

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The sword is mistakenly associated with religion as the means of spreading the truth though the truth is a different matter altogether. This has been borne out in the Brussells. In the pagan times before the ascent of Christianity there stood a heathen temple in Venus. In the centre of the city stood the church of Minimes. It was built upon what the Christians called “a place of low repute”. It was then that Muslims bought the chapel and changed it into a mosque. The scalpel should work on the chapel of low repute.

No place be it heathen, Christian, Hindu or Muslim, can be low. Worldly ‘repute’ cannot match heavenly bliss. Inheriting a place of worship from another people of a different faith from your own need not be a matter of pride or crowing or boasting.

The journalists, as well as the believers, must endeavour for global sanity that is the crying need of the hour. Lest the heavenly father commiserate with our siblings’ rivalry we must try to coexist. That can come only through our reaching out to each other through dialogue and understanding. What is covert in the holy books must be made overt through the verbal scalpel that is dialogue.

Venus, Mother Mary and Allah occupy the highest pedestal of their own: humans must not forget that their position is humble.

There is sermon in the stones of the churches, mosques, of Brussells. Humans must not misappropriate the divine in claimant-ship. On no other issue have the human beings shed so much blood as on that. Saladin was a Kurd who recovered Jerusalem for the Muslims in the crusades. The Kurds in Belgium who occupy the churches are much more tolerant as they have hidden under clothes the images but pray in their different ways. The church authorities no longer dispute the inherited places of worship. They both exist in a spirit of tolerance.

Now that Turkey is taking the hint from the above facts and acquiring landmark monastery/churches for Muslims of the world to pray, it pales India in a very poor situation of being in the quandary as its boasts of tolerant and a ‘world teacher’ is left without anything to teach the world. At the most its talented people in necessitous situation have left for greener pasture who are at the risk of being sent back home as it happened in Kuwait and UAE for staking claim that they have built the Gulf countries and must have proprietary right on Arab land. They have fallen low in esteem on account of all the wrong doing let lose by its rabid minded PM.

Why is this automated tinpot PM so bigoted that he has enslaved the whole country to a hate ideology? He has turned India not as the prized civilization that tolerates all but as the circus of human animals mouthing abuses against Muslims providing a grand spectacle to visitors like President Trump when he was still on the Indian soil. This is replica of how India’s PM AB Vajpayee was caught on wrong foot landing in Beijing when China invaded Vietnam. China is still there, more resurgent to take on India, now that fools’ circus is on.

Given this social milieu that Vajpayee and Modi took power both were inveterate believers that Muslims were terrorists by their scriptural faith (Modi circa debate conducted by Rajdeep Sirdesai a week after 9/11 attack on the US and Vajpayee when he addressed the Goa conclave of his party where he had gone to remove Modi but joined the chorus and toed the line of Huntington/Akbar that Muslims didn’t know how to live with their neighbours and had their intestines filled with blood of their neighbours!)

In his turn, MJ Akbar has acquired notoriety of turning low and a court jester in having abused lady reporters and senior journalists by claiming his chastity and washing his linen in public. His heart of darkness matches how India has gone through an Ethan brand experience which would also get clean chit because of his being MP as the misrule persists.

The Turkish leader Racep Tayyip Erdogan is more civilized and respected. Those who had aligned themselves with China in the name of being oldest civilizations who know they would sort out their mutual problems in comparison to the new civilization of Islam have terribly failed because at least India has taken the wrong path that communalism is civilization.

This transformation grew steadily because instead of joining the dialogue of civilizations of Khatimi that very year Modi launched the Rath Yatra for building Ram temple. It culminated on December 6 1992 when Babri Masjid was demolished. Then the building of the temple was staggered to generate more votes and hence the conspiracy to send contingents of kar sevaks to building the temple. That brought about the burning of the train at Godhra on Februay 27 2002. Another instance of plundering India for Hindutva.


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