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Let's All Be Charlie's Angels!
Saturday January 17, 2015 8:02 PM, Asma Khan

Yes, they searched for the kids. Where were they hidden? Under the desks, tables or chairs? No, it was not a hide and seek game, they were searching for the kids to kill. The older the better.

Cahrlie Hebdo

The cut off age was 15.

Cut off to a Paris office, four cartoonists along with their editor get bumped off, apparently to the shouts of Allahu Akbar.

The day light murder was about some derogatory cartoons about a person Muslims hold dearest to their hearts. Muslims hate this deliberate humiliation. It is said, you can insult God but not Muhammad PBUH and I have heard some people's vicarious wisdom of how if you want to provoke Muslims, slander their Prophet.

They are right.

We love Muhammad PBUH. We don't even say or write his name without the words Peace be upon him. We believe that he is the best of the human beings. Just can't sum up our feelings about this man, the greatest of the Prophets.

How he would have reacted to Charlie Hebdo, if he were alive today?

Muhammad PBUH would have asked his followers to be patient and let it go.

What not people called him? He was called a mad man, a magician, a sorcerer, a liar, a poet who lures people into his fold with his magical words. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was an introvert, a loner, a shy and quiet man since the beginning. His hurt at this name calling made him return back home and lay down, with his cloak wrapped around him.

He never countered their negative arguments. It's known to all that he enjoyed the greatest of reputation a man could have. He was believed to be the most truthful and the most honest person among them all. But all of a sudden the polytheists of Makkah began calling him a liar, when he announced that his God was One, had no concrete form and the solitary creator and caretaker of the universe.

How could a man who they said had never lied in his life, could do so now? His answer to their slander was one of silence. His uncle Abd Al Azza bin Abd al Mutallib used to hurl abuses at him openly. Once at the market place of Ukkaz where Muhamamd PBUH was discussing his new religion of solitary God, his uncle with two ponytails tied on his head, of handsome visage with red glowing cheeks, came after him and spake thus.

People, this is Muhammad, my nephew. Don't listen to him, he has lost his mind.
The nephew without uttering a single word of protest, without even looking back once, proceeded to talk to another. This uncle was called the father of the flame, Abu Lehab.

Did you see Muhammad PBUH's reaction? He didn't even take notice of Abu Lehab.

When in Makkah, people tried every trick in the book to break his morale but he remained undeterred. They threw sly glances pointing towards him and laughed at him. But he would just move on doing his job meticulously, without bothering to even look at them. Had he stopped, took note of their mischief, it would have wasted his precious time. He had an important job at hand. His neighbors used to throw filthy garbage in his home, into the cooking utensils and on his way to kaaba for worship.

He used to pick the filth up on his walking stick and say aloud, O, Bani Abd Manaaf, is this your ethics of being a good neighbor? Beyond this, he didn't say anything. On another occasion the dirty innards of a camel were put on his neck while he was prostrating in the precincts of Kaaba. He could not lift his head due to the heaviness of it. His daughter Fatima came running and while removing the mucky yoke wept uncontrollably. Her illustrious father would console her saying, don't weep for your father, God is with him.

99.9 % of the time Muhammad PBUH didn't take revenge for the crimes and insults committed against him. But yes there are instances when he did so. In Madinah he was the chief of his people and had a treaty with the Jews living in and around. Ka'ab bin Ashraf was a Jew who used to insult Muhammad PBUH and had plotted to murder him. He went to Makkah and openly invited people for attacks on Muhammad PBUH. Ka'ab also started making scandalous, sleazy poetry about Muslim women. He was tolerated for a long time.

Clearly violating the treaty he had visited Makkah to ask for help from the polytheists. He was killed. It's obvious this was not a personal revenge but a preemptive attack on an enemy who was hostile, if we take into consideration the time of his murder[ six months after the Battle of Badr]. He was killed because he was conspiring with the invading enemy and trying to endanger internal peace by creating false scandals against women

Charlie Hebdo, Paris:
What are [and why are we] frightened of a few cartoons?

Muhammad PBUH is above, way above and beyond such slanderous attempts at him and his noble character. He PBUH has survived all this since last 1400 years and nothing ,just nothing can tarnish his image in the hearts of billions of people around the world.

There are Billions of Muslims who didn't react violently to Charlie Hebdo's persistent and deliberate provocations, but how could you ensure those two Kaouchi brothers didn't ? Two or three violent Muslims against the billions? [Has America been able to stop School/Campus killings, despite all its laws and arrangements?] [ Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that Aren't ]

But the world fails in this simple arithmetic miserably each time every time. That 99.6% of Muslims remaining peaceful and calm in the face of worst provocations is a testimony to the fact that we the Muslims are peaceful.

I am not going into the familiar debate of how the West is responsible for thousands of deaths and maiming of Muslims, the world over , how it terrorizes the whole populations into submission, tries to overtake regimes after regime unsuitable for its ideology and economics and puts up its puppets as heads of state and expects people to accept it as democracy.

Yeah, it's pretty crazy.

And yes, why don't the Muslim nations ,the Arab League and many prominent Muslim organizations DON'T DO THE SAME ,each time Muslims are slaughtered by the West? Like they did for the blasphemers in France?

These agencies would get back some respect if they do so. The torture report of Guantanamo Bay Muslims prisoners and the victims of white phosphorus in Iraq or cluster bombs and drones in Afghanistan and those killed by Israel in Gaza still await the same vociferous condemnation by these,' Muslim' nations.

When the populations of the West demand a condemnation from us, can we too demand the same and more from them, for electing and allowing their respective governments which attack, kill maim and displace lakhs of Muslims, either covertly or overtly, all over the world?

Our reactions:
How should we react when such a thing happens?

Of course, we have a right to be offended. And we are not shy of claiming to feel offended.

But the gun is not the answer, it never was.

Why not cartoons in response to cartoons?

A cartoon for a cartoon, an essay for an essay, a poem for a poem, a logical debate for a logical debate and a rally for a rally.

Why can't we do that?

Where is our art? And where are our artists?

If we start responding, a cartoon for a cartoon way it will be a Cathartic experience. It would be great to pay them in the same coin; in the form of art.

Let's talk about their limits of freedom of expression, about anti-Semitism, about denial of holocaust, about their banning pro-Palestinian rallies and the ban on face veil.

The murder in Paris was most heinous and condemnable. By gunning those cartoonists down, these fanatic Kouchi brothers put guns on the heads of millions of Muslims. Now governments world over will use it to make life difficult for ordinary and peace loving [yes, we love peace too!] Muslims. This creature is terrified in his mind and reacts in a paranoid way. After each terrorist attack, he denounces the violent acts of a few nonstop but still falls short to gain their little trust. (Here is a readymade condemnation app for you, don't thank me, just use it as much as a fish uses water.)

Already they deride Islam and call it a religion of violence (Rupert Murdoch calls Islam religion of violence)

While we keep claiming that it's the religion of peace; and surely it is. You see as comedian Mark Steele says, Either you can be a good Christian or you could be a Tony Blair. (May I add a George Bush? ] The two famously prayed at Camp David for success before they dropped their first bomb on Iraq.

Why does it remind me of those shouts of Allahu Akbar at Charlie Hebdo?

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