Last updated - Saturday July 20, 2019 10:45 AM
Assam NRC

Apex Court questions Centre, Assam on NRC re-verification

To this, Mehta replied that re-verification will help the authorities weed out illegal immigrants who have bribed NRC officials to get their names on the list. To this, Mehta replied that re-verification will help the authorities .... More

Minority Definition

Plea challenges minority definition based on national data, SC seeks AG's help

The petitioner has challenged the validity of the National Commission for Minority (NCM) Act, 1992, under which the notification was issued on October 23, 1993 declaring five communities -- Muslims, Christians, Sikhs... More

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Batla House Encounter

Batla House: Whispers of encounter -- 11 years ago

On a hot, humid Friday afternoon, locals occupied the lanes in front of L-18, the building where five suspected terrorists were holed up inside a flat, to offer the 'jumma namaz'. They talked in whispers, if at all, about the incident. On a hot, humid Friday afternoon, locals occupied the lanes in front of L-18, the .... More

Saudi India Relations

India-Saudi Relations: Diversification that Mohammed Bin Salman seeks

For the Saudis, this would pre-empt the vagaries of international oil markets and the challenges posed by new entrants into the export side. India, on the other hand, would be helped tremendously by the assurance of an energy partner ... More

India US Relation

Soundbites Will Not Advance India-US Strategic Partnership

India responded in mid-June by putting tariffs on 28 US products - many of them farm goods such as almonds, walnuts and apples of which India is a primary consumer. This tit-for-tat created substantial tension in the India-US relationship going into the G20 Summit. China US Trade war .... More

Education & Career


Arms Licenses

Mob Lynching: Muslims, Dalits to seek arms licenses for self-defence

Shia cleric and General Secretary of Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind, Maulana Kalbe Jawwad will be organising the first camp in Lucknow on the suggestion of Supreme Court lawyer Mehmood Pracha..... More

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12 booked for assaulting Muslim cleric, pulling his beard in Uttar Pradesh

  Exploring Ramadan

Umrah Tours
Fasting in Ramadan

Exploring Ramadan Part I: Fasting is prescribed so that you may learn self-restraint

Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month of fasting is here again. Though most of us are aware of the virtues, and dos and don’ts of this holy month, they are worth recalling here so as to make best use of these ... More


Exploring Ramadan Part II: Offer prayers in Ramadan nights to seek forgiveness

Tarawih, the Special Night Prayer is the first prayer that Muslims offer immediately after the new moon pronounces the beginning of the Holy month Ramadan. Tarawih is sunnah for both men and women, and they are to be performed after the .... More

Ramadan 2019 Moon India

Ramadan 2019 starts in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on Tuesday May 07

The Central Moon Sighting Committees in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have issued appeals to Muslims in their respective countries to sight the crescent, Ramadan Moon or Ramzan Chand, Sunday May 05, 2018 corresponding to 29 ... More

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