Last updated - Thursday January 28, 2021 5:13 PM
Jews on Chinese Muslims

"Chilling Reminder of Holocaust": Jews on Persecution of Uyghur Muslims

Today, on the Holocaust Memorial Day, some of the world's leading Jewish and Christian groups will come together to express solidarity with China's Uyghur Muslims and urge the world to focus on their ongoing persecution in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR). ... More

Shared Heritage

Hindus, Muslims urged to recognize shared heritage

Prof. Harbans Mukhia and Dr. Audrey Truschke, and a prominent political scientist Dr. Shamsul Islam, came together during a webinar on the subject of “Examining Muslims in Indian History,” to emphasize the shared heritage of all South Asians and to reject myths that are fueling Islamophobia in India. ... More

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Arab Politics

Arab Politics After Qatar-Saudi Rapprochement

With Saudi Arabia and Qatar signing a friendly bond that ended the three-year-long economic blockade, which Riyadh had imposed on its tiny Gulf neighbour, regional observers see it as a springboard for achieving a greater regional partnership in which other regional players could... More


Why They Hate Nehru?

I was being interviewed for my book and was asked a question unrelated to it: Why does Hindutva hate Nehru so much? It is an interesting question and has two parts to the answer. To know it we must first understand what Nehru was and what he wanted. I was being interviewed for my ... More

India Under Modi

India Growth Story is Over, and Covid-19 Not the Reason

We have entered the 13th consecutive quarter of economic slowdown in India. Gross Domestic Product, meaning the total value of services and goods produced in this country in the last 12 months, shrunk in ..... More

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  Makkah Live Today

Hajj 2021 Application

Hajj 2021 Application begins today, use this direct link

The Haj Committee of India is set to start receiving through its website hajcommittee.gov.in from today i.e. November 07, 2020 ... More

Hajj Sermon

Adversities of this world are test from Allah: Hajj Sermon

Delivering the Hajj sermon from the rampart of Masjid an Namirah in Arafat Thursday Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman said that in times of adversities, such as ... More

Hajj 2020 Starts

Hajj 2020 begins, 1000 pilgrims of all ethnicities on way to Arafat

Hajj 2020: Around 1000 pilgrims of all ethnicities residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are on their to Mount Arafat as the key ritual of Haj began this ... More

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LG K42

Now on Sale: LG K42 with US military-grade durability

According to the company, LG K42 Passed the Mil-Std 810G test to prove its armour strong durability, K42's durability has been verified by the strict US Military Standard Tests. According to the company, LG K42 Passed the Mil-Std .... More

Xperia Compact

Sony plans 'Compact' Xperia to challenge iPhone 12 mini

The new Sony phone may not be a flagship, but rather an entry-level device powered by Snapdragon 480 chipset. The new Sony phone may not be a flagship, but rather an entry-level device powered by Snapdragon 480 ... More

Lenovo Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion 5 (AMD): High-end Gaming Experience at Low Price

Lenovo Legion 5 (AMD) is one such affordable gaming device that creates a unique place for itself in the competitive space, for creating a perfect blend of play, work and stream. Lenovo Legion 5 (AMD) is one such ..... More

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go now on sale in India - How to buy

Microsoft on Thursday announced the Surface Laptop Go will be available in India from January 22 via commercial authorised resellers, authorised retail and online partners at a starting price of Rs 63,499. Microsoft on Thursday ... More

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