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Will KESCO mitigate consumers’ problems?
Saturday August 6, 2016 10:40 AM, Shakeel Ahmed,


The Kanpur Electricity Supply Company (KESCO) has its own particular way of offering facilities to its consumers. When they approach the locality’s sub-station office, the officials turn a hostile face towards their problems. Their claim of mitigating their problems is neither timely nor satisfactory.

The consumers are forced to face problem of electricity bill every month. The metre reader is irregular in his duty for making the electricity bill. When he deems it fit to appear, he does not cover each house. Being a worker of the contractual private company, he shows little responsibility towards the metre reading in his allotted locality’s houses.

It seems to consumers that he prefers to read their mind in order to convince them for choosing a middle way of adjustment by accepting suvidha shulk. Even he offers to carry out adjustment if the bill amount has risen due to his delayed arrival in the locality. Worried with the late billing the consumers readily agree for his help. Thus, consumers habitual of paying the electricity bills on time become a victim of the corrupt ways. The moot question is: Why do the authorities concerned not tighten the metre reader’s noose?

Several consumers alleged that the metre readers are working like a middleman between the department officials and the consumers. The readers are never asked to mend their style of functioning.

The consumers are also found to be complaining of the work of cash counters’ clerks who remain inclined to extract extra amount from the bill payers despite clear mentioning of the exact amount in the computerised bill copy. A good many of consumers have to pay the additional amount at their command. Also, the consumers have to face closure of the cash counters within days mentioned in the issued electricity bill. Strangely enough, it is the consumers who bear the brunt of every irregularity and the department officials do not consider of initiating any suitable help to them.

More than this the recalcitrant power department officials are bent upon disconnection despite no preceding dues thereby leading the consumers to bemoan unnecessarily. Their request to connect the snapped cable by showing them the copy of the paid electricity bill proves futile. Befuddled residents better relapses into a silence by this reckless stance of the department officials. “We become quite speechless at their hard-hearted attitude”, they express.

The officials are supposed to conduct campaign for grabbing the defaulters but their uprightness was not fair at their action. This is height of their apathy as they make an uncomplicated matter more complex without any real reason. The consumers unambiguously react that officials’ whims matter more than our sufferings. What is their decision cannot be changed their ultimately. So looks from their stand, express the disgruntled consumers.


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