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Eloquent politicians and snobbish individual's pale visage deliver the truth
Wednesday August 31, 2016 12:52 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Jain Saint

What the Jain saint expounded about the politics was oddly heard and a debate on the nature of politics has started. The common man used to cry in astonishment at the today’s politics that is precisely opposite to what Chanakya advocated or the Indian Constitution promotes. Some take it as a tough or perfect absurdity while others denounce it as the politicians’ joke. It may be an easy ladders to gain the reins of power. However, unique this perception should be, it cannot be isolated from the type of politics that is irritating us not so much because of the suffering it inflicted but because of the glimpses that it gave of the insignificant and unbalanced happiness.

With a sluggish shift from its popular slogan of sabka ssath, sabka vikaas, the BJP leaders are supposed to be tilting towards a different veiled deceitful environment. There is more elusive traces of this declining consideration. That’s why rival political parties are sprightly discerning the inside of everything.

The BSP leaders are blaming them for broadening the party line on that contradictory idea. The Samajwadi Party plays a crafty card to strengthen its endangered base. The Congress Party offers a daunting trend to the disillusioned people. Everything is grimly unfavourable to the common people at present. Our leaders are supposed to bring the country on a dizzying heights but this appears to be more a distant dream. Their rhetorics alters with the existing circumstances. So, there is nothing wrong if people in general should change themselves with vision of democratic kindness and similar meek determination.

As we are well aware of the fact that nothing is stable on this living planet, the politicians do not remain certain of what they utter from time to time. Even our moving earth sometimes surprises us by its sudden tremulous jolts. If an individual adopts an easy-going life, it is certainly his personal choice. Politics has nothing to do in this matter.

One can be simply surprised at this shifting situation which has not been found in that individual previously. Several people remain confused with this change. It was rather surprising for them. That person was never so unsophisticated in his personal appearance and always tried to look elegant in his particular mannerism. Normally he was seen well-dressed and clean shaven. Nowadays, his weird and unusual looks stimulate others to ponder over. His conversation has now changed as if he walks off with his suppressed emotions. When an individual brings change in his individuality, it seems that he may have been rather influenced by the social effects of the changing trends and manners.

He no longer moves with his tactful father all the time. That attaché tag has now stacked with his younger brother. He is said to have been detached from his father though he stays in upper portion of the same house. His detachment makes us to comment on his shaky position as crown prince. It is several years after he was seen at a weekly vegetable market at Ramleela Ground in the KDA colony area here. Hanging a loose cotton bag on his ‘sturdy’ shoulder, he was advising his old acquaintance to follow his style of carrying the shopping bag which in no way was acceptable to him.

While they were smiling at each other it appeared much more than a smile on their respective faces. Their smile was positively not as frosty as his white bearded face looked. But his acquaintance was looking as confident as ever. Even he told him of the primary school students who were in the similar style carry their school bag in the rural areas. His glacial stare drilled through his acquaintance’s eyes. Their experiences were nothing different from others. However, they were unable to express their respective feelings directly. Their eyes were bigger and experienced than ever and held an almost well-behaved glint.

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