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Demonetisation: Inking right finger can’t catch big fishes
Saturday November 19, 2016 7:00 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Cash shortage

What a contradiction! By one order use of indelible ink is allowed to contain the persons approaching the banks or the post offices for exchanging the demonetised currency notes. Hours after there came to another order of use indelible ink only for the voting purpose. Who is more confused the public or the policy makers?

So far we were aware of the fact that indelible ink was used in order to restrict the bogus voting at the time of the elections but how far has it remained effective is also not unclear? But it is a right move indeed.

In the case of the people turning up at the banks or the post offices for exchanging the banned currency notes, it has been stated by the election commission that the limited use of indelible ink should not be disobeyed.

That’s why we have seen how the district magistrate of Kanpur City has cleared, according to the instructions of the election commission’s principal secretary RK Srivastava that the use of indelible ink for any other purpose has been disallowed. It is only for the use in the elections.

This decision has been appreciated by the conscientious citizens and the political parties as well. Moreover, the Congress Party going a little further accused the BJP government of branding people through its fascist act of inking those exchanging demonetised bigger currency notes.

The party leaders even stated, “The decision to put indelible ink on the right fingers the of the bank account holders is a senseless, fascist and Nazis’ act of branding people.”

Ink has certainly attained a very important value in times of unavoidable circumstances. One older person standing in a queue before the nationalised bank branch here maintained that this inking method was similar to the procedure applied during the meeting at a jail. An inked stamp was made on one’s hand.

What an unfortunate day for us! Just for exchanging the banned notes inking was tolerated by those who have seen agonies during the freedom struggle days.

It was us who are quite familiar with several cases of ink throwing on important personalities as a mark of registering the protest against them. But inking the account holders has turned out to be a very unpleasant practice. Were demonetising move tactful, even certain BJP MPs in Uttar Pradesh would not have got cold feet over it as they feared the possibility of backfire in their respective constituencies.

Inking the right finger is more or less linked with the security hues. Its use is now peculiar and clear as it is being used to reveal the people’s rascal characteristic.

It is now taken up as a novel concept in the banking business with all the emphasis upon checking the black money hoarders. Is it strengthening the round-shaped domes of the world’s largest democracy?


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