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Will Priyanka to show up as new Indira Gandhi?
Sunday November 20, 2016 11:12 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Priyanka Gandhi

What Sonia Gandhi failed to achieve for the party and Rahul Gandhi admirably remained unsuccessful in accomplishing so far in Uttar Pradesh, another Gandhi with the name of Priyanka Gandhi as political experts often assert has potential to generate for the party. Her entry into active state politics to give a boost to the party’s image is, in a way, the Congress style of a surgical strike against well-established political parties in Uttar Pradesh.

When Priyanka remains devoted to the set measured goals much to the bewilderments of the party workers of a comparatively pathetic political party, there is given this plan the name of a reformative cause. She is supposed to perform this role with her magnetic personality.

The popular preference for a goal with a happy ending is not mere sweet-stuff optimism. It turns out to move forward on the old idea of attaining victory at the hydra-headed monster of communalism. It is the ultimate apotheosis of the leader beloved of the masses.

This will be a clinical finish at the precise time to demoralise the strong opponents. If the party strategist has taken this initiative it is surely going to tarnish the formidable base of the BSP which sees its strong position at this coming assembly election.

Mayawati and Priyanka are popular women leaders in the state. One looks at her solid vote bank of the Dalits and the Muslims while Priyanka tries to snatch the party’s distanced votes due to the dearth of a charismatic leader. This fresh step could be called objective appraisal, it corresponds exactly to direct attack on middle-class voters in order to avoid collateral damages to surrounding votes of other castes.

This clinical finish is almost planned to dodge rivals with all the precision in ensuing state assembly polls next year. A discussion on her acceptance of the party workers’ demand has started with a quite astonishing gravity.

The question is what led her to extend her role as an effective face for the party. It may be her compulsion because of her husband’s land leads or it may her brother’s insistence or it may be the suggestion of the party’s proficient strategist.

Whatever it might be she along with the experienced leaders will aim at striking the three popular parties’ baseline so that there could be made some emphatic attempts to revive the party base in villages of the Uttar Pradesh.

Whenever there is no element of variety, whenever all the things literally have an identical aim, there is at once pressing requirement of perfect action which she is capable of doing in the current politics.

Factually enough she is now going to increase her activity from two constituencies to entire assembly seats in the state. She connects with the people more than others, as the party heavyweights accept. It is on account of this very reason the rival parties have begun to realise her tempest with the public moods and trends.

And opposition’s strong criticism over her intentions could not pacify her stride. With all the genuine approach she has undertaken the task of raising party beyond the negligent level to a little higher position.

Her surgical ventures at one occasion will prove to be clinical at another juncture. In the course of her campaign, she would enlighten the common people that the party has come with development ideas. Caste and communal politics hold no place in the politics as these standards were now completely outdated. But this theory should face strong resistance from the Bhartiya Janata Party, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party respectively.

The Congress Party wants to reach the figure of forty seats in the coming elections. This could be done only by alliance politics and the SP might be thinking in that direction to check both the BJP and the BSP alike. If the Congress Party perfects itself to a position of king-maker the SP will lose no chance in achieving the role of a game changer in UP politics. This is certainly going to happen as the political pundits visualise. The SP and The Congress Party will run in the election race with the more or less similar motives and this objective will them together, as several expect.

When the political players perform with a high degree of precision, they certainly attain laurels for their marvellous feats. Similarly, the able-bodied Priyanka Gandhi will try her level best to aim at destroying those strong foundations of the BSP and the SP for the party’s benefits. The loss of votes will certainly damage the high hopes of the Bahujan Samaj Party. It cannot be even overlooked in these extremely precise tactics of the Congress Party.

If her image and personality are finely projected for boosting the morale of the party, the party’s deft politicians are still said to be exploring every possibility of gaining advantage from within the chinks of other parties ahead of the ensuing UP assembly polls. Though we usually poke fun at the politicians’ starchy mannerism, a lot many people furtively adore their formality and style they bring to our everyday politically motivated life.


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