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If can’t Prevent, Postpone it.

By Aleem Faizee


Contradictory to the general perception, Diabetes is no more a hereditary and matured-age disease. Read on as ummid.com discovers the pros and cons of the deadly disease.



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Diabetes has always been considered as a hereditary disease. But thanks to the extensive run for ‘a Dream Career’ this is not the case anymore. Experts say, once Diabetes was increasing at a rate of 6% per year in India, but now it is spreading at the rate of 18% per annum. Situation has reached to such an extent that doctors predict, even if we take precautions, India will become the Diabetes Capital of the world by the year 2025. “And in case we don’t take any precautions, it will be just epidemic by that time”, observes Dr. Suneet Shah.


The frightening situation should have made the alarm bells ringing, but unfortunately it is not the case. Ummid.com spoke to experts to find out what the deadly disease actually is so as to break the deafening sound of silence which is prevailing around us.


The Disease and its Types:

“Diabetes is diagnosed in a human body when it fails in creating the insulin, a hormone regularly created by the pancreas which in-turn controls the Blood Sugar Level (BSL). When the pancreases are destroyed due to viral infection or some other reasons, the insulin in a body starts diminishing. It disturbs the Blood Sugar Level (BSL)”, says Dr. Pervez who is associated with Sai Baba Trust’s Hospital in Shirdi. And any ups or downs in the Blood Sugar Level (BSL), he says, can damage the kidney, eye-sight or can cause heart attack. Nonetheless, non-healing of the wounds can be observed very commonly in case of diabetic patients.


“It is of two types”, Dr. Pervez says, “Type 1 is Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) in which the patients fully depend on taking insulin externally, the second type is called as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). In this case insulin level can be controlled by using oral drugs.”


Dr. Suneet Shah says that while the second type of Diabetic patients are common in India, Type 1 was rarely seen earlier. “But the most frightening thing now is that even Type 1 is becoming common in the country”, he adds.


The Causes:

Change in life style, lack of stress management, irregular and disproportionate diet, extensive smoking, lack of exercise and consumption of alcohol, Dr. Suneet Shah says, are some of the reasons why the deadly disease ceases to remain hereditary and spreading so fast in the country.


The Precautions:

Dr. Suneet Shah assures, “If we cannot avoid Diabetes, we can postpone it for sure. But this is possible only if we take precautions.” Terming that balanced diet is the key he says, “One can adhere to our own Maharashtrian food which has been declared as the best diet by the International Society of Health and Nutrition.” Apart from this, he says, one should properly monitor the weight, avoid smoking and alcohol, and above them all, should share the feelings and problems with others to avoid the stress.





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