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The Tragic Story

Of An Old American ally

By Aleem Faizee


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Shackled and Bounded Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi President is hanged on December 30, 2006 at dawn when millions all over Muslim world were getting ready for Eid prayers.


The judge signed the death sentence and read it out for Saddam Hussein with Iraqi officials and relatives of those killed by Saddam Hussein present near the gallows. Saddam Hussein has died but the debate is very well alive about the illegal and illegitimate invasion of Iraq around three and half years ago.


The whole world witnessed hanging of Saddam Hussein on their television sets. But are they really convinced that Saddam has been hanged by Iraqis? Bush administration must be thinking so, but people world over are not so fool that they can not see behind the seen Bush administration for Saddam’s execution.


Saddam Hussein had been awarded the death penalty on charges of 184 Kurds and American President Bush has termed this incident as significant and reportedly termed it as a victory for Iraqi people. But a close comparison of Saddam Hussein and George Bush clearly shows George Bush deserves nothing less than the fate Saddam Hussein has gone through.


Saddam Hussein

Former Iraqi President

Saddam Hussein has been elected several times by almost 100% popular votes polled by Iraqi people. Although termed as “the dictator” he ruled over Iraqi people better than many other rulers in the world.


He has been alleged for keeping weapons of mass destruction which would never be found and has been alleged for throwing war on Iranian people for almost ten years. He was also accused of using poisonous gas against Kurds although allegedly, Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary was present in Baghdad at the same time.


He invaded Kuwait in 1991 without realising the trap which US had laid down for him and the Middle East. His Arab friends deserted him and called the US for help. US immediately obliged them and why not, it was this moment which US had always dreamt for. The damage to the Muslim Ummah had already been done by him and the US criminals set their dirty feet on the holy Arab lands thus fulfilling their long awaited goal.


After invading Kuwait (on US insistence) Iraq under his leadership faced illegitimate UN sanctions (that too on US insistence) for more than ten years. The sanctions literally collapsed whole Iraqi Infrastructure. Millions of children died because of this sanction.


In the meantime US planned for illegally occupying Iraq. But before that craven US almost disarmed Iraqi forces pretending for inspecting the weapons of mass destruction. Despite the strongest ever oppositions world over, he had ultimately been attacked by US. Iraq is now occupied by the criminal US forces because of his mistakes. The man, Saddam Hussein, who had an illusion of “ruling The Greater Arab” (this dream which was surely been sited to him by US as part of the conspiracy) was captured by US and they ultimately executed him on 30th December 2006.


George W Bush

“Very Soon to become former”

US President

 George Bush had been appointed as the president of United States of America by court. Although he termed himself as “democratically elected” president, he is ruling over United States like a dictator.


Like his Iraqi counter part, Saddam Hussein who had an illusion of ruling “Greater Arab”, George Bush has an illusion of ruling the whole world as a dictator. Under this illusion and as the president of United States which keeps and manufactures almost all sorts of weapons of mass destruction, continued with building more weapons of mass destruction and immediately after occupying the president ship, he started working towards completing the agenda which his father had left incomplete.  


In first place, George Bush thwarted the peace initiatives jointly taken by former US president Bill Clinton and Criminal Ariel Sharon with Yasser Arafat. Siding with Israel and pretending peace with Palestine supported continued massacre of Palestinians and insulted, completely sidelined and humiliated Yasser Arafat.


George Bush has virtually transformed United Nations into a puppet and never hesitated even to blackmail the international forum for his own interests.


Fabricating allegations on Taliban government brutally attacked Afghanistan and killed thousands of innocent civilians including children and replaced the Taliban government with a puppet government. Demonstrating the invasion and the occupation of poor Afghanistan (which of course was never complete) as the show of his myth and started considering himself as undisputed super power of the world.


Contradictory to his calculations, the resistance in Afghanistan continued and gained momentum with every passing day. On one hand he was worried due to the ever increasing body bags of his “brave soldiers”, Usama Bin Laden and Mullah Umer and company remained at large on the other.


As the number of body bags increased day by day, his popularity on home soil started decreasing the same way. Worried of this, he hastily decided to attack Iraq, hoping to give some good news back home.


He was so confident of his “brave soldiers” that before attacking Iraq, he completely disarmed Iraq and its forces, pretending inspection of weapons of mass destruction, which he was “sure”, were under the custody of Saddam Hussein.


He attacked Iraq, despite strongest ever oppositions from all over the world, dreaming for the “dictatorship” of the gulf for himself, “garlands” from the Iraqi people for his “brave soldiers” he was “proud of” and the wealth of “the black gold” for the already shattered US economy.


All circumstances now reveal that George Bush had totally miscalculated the situation and despite execution of Saddam Hussein, all his dreams will very well remain “a dream”. But poor Bush is still under illusion.


This is a comparison of two men under illusion and daydream. Their attitudes, perhaps, demonstrated as if they both did not have slightest respect for innocent lives. Their only interest, it seems, was to grab power by whatever means. But the events in their lives clearly show how fragile their goals were. While the one has, already reached to his dreadful end, the other will definitely follow him very soon.


And for the Muslims world over, which is already mourning for the Palestine since decades, in Iraq another Palestine is clearly under making.







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